Chris Tribbey #9 is still in first place at the end of Stage 4!

Bowling Green, Ohio, Sept. 11—The most difficult antique run in the world started off Stage 4 with 100 competitors riding out of New York under overcast skies and brisk temperatures before turning misty and wet, a condition that would remain all the way through the city of Pittsburgh before the sun made its appearance late during the afternoon in Ohio. While riders attempted to navigate their way over 273 miles across three states, the geriatric machines threw temper tantrums and kept sweep crews busy trying to keep track of broken machines. By the time riders rolled into the warm welcome by local dignitaries like two city mayors and a plethora of press that mingled through the crowd of fans during the reception at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, there were 13 bikes on the trailers and another three who were otherwise out of the running for the day. Among those were one of the Rinker Indians that was taken out by a transmission issue, though we’re certain all three of the father/sons bikes will be back on the road by the green flag tomorrow morning.

One of our favorite farmers, Steve Andreasen #95, looked rather glum over the breakdown of his 1914 H-D. He’d just gotten it back on the road after cracking the engine open for repairs but ended up back on the sweep truck this afternoon. Over a drive-thru burger supper, Steve and his wife, Robin, discussed strategies while shoring each other up as they prepared to repeat the arduous process again tonight.

On the bright side, temperatures are predicted to warm up as the group makes their way into Illinois tomorrow evening. There’s a party planned during the lunch that will be hosted by Kersting’s Keg Harley-Davidson in Denham, Indiana so be sure to take your lunch break in time to come hang with the cool kids on the old iron.

Standings for Stage 4:


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