1916 Excelsior

Rick has ridden in three of the four Motorcycle Cannonball Runs and is signed up to tackle it again in 2018. As owner of a motorcycle emporium that carries vintage motorcycles, he has his choice of machines to get him across the country and Rick’s proven his respect for all marques by arriving at the starting line with a different brand each year.

Rick and his wife Vickie are avid collectors and their treasures are displayed at the Legends Motorcycle Emporium in Springville, Utah. The sprawling property includes a variety of interesting components such as a museum, restaurant and brewery, showroom, gift shop, repair shop and even an old-fashioned barber shop. There is a small art gallery below the museum and various works of art on display include fellow Cannonball alumni Scott Jacobs’s paintings and Jeff Decker’s sculptures. There are works by well-known motorcycle lifestyle painters David Uhl and David Mann as well as other motorcycle-centric artists. In 2014 the Motorcycle Cannonball riders were hosted to dinner and a trip through the gallery and museum before they continued along their way to Tacoma, Washington. Several riders pulled around back and took full advantage of the Salisbury’s generous offer to mend their machines at the repair shop, including one rider who replaced his entire engine.

The couple’s sense of community extends well beyond their own backyard. Earlier this year the couple won the high bid at a Las Vegas auction on a bike from Washington. Dave Monson, a fellow Cannonball rider, donated the money from his bike sale to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children and the Salisburys knew Monson’s intention before they bid on the custom machine.

This June they offered their facility as a venue for a fundraiser for the Sturgis Museum in South Dakota and Legends is often used as a destination point for various local charity runs. As for the 2018 Cannonball, we’re all anxiously waiting to see what marque Rick will show up on in Portland, Maine. We know for certain it will be an interesting one. 


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