In a little over two months, it’ll be time to head to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has already announced a great musical lineup for 2024, including Jelly Roll, Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, Theory of a Deadman, Aaron Lewis, Bad Wolves, Hinder, and Quiet Riot.

Newly added to the musical lineup is Dasha, who will perform Aug. 6 before Jelly Roll.

In other Sturgis Motorcycle Rally news, a week-long Mama Tried Motorcycle Show has been added to the 2024 itinerary. The first annual Mama Tried Show – Sturgis will take place in the Full Throttle Saloon beginning on Aug. 3. And don’t miss Flat Out Friday, with Hare Scrambles, Stout Boonie Races, and everything in between.

For more information about the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, read the press release below.

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Sturgis Buffalo Chip Dasha

Make sure your boots are working and your truck doesn’t break down – you don’t want to miss Dasha opening up the stage for #1 Sturgis Rally requested artist Jelly Roll on Tuesday, Aug. 6 on the Wolfman Jack Main Stage!

See all previously announced bands and keep an eye on 2024 newly added ones at the Buffalo Chip website! Learn more about the request process and the top requested bands here!

On The Road: Sturgis Buffalo Chip Takes NYC

Sturgis Buffalo Chip NYC
Daymon Woodruff (Buffalo Chip President), Toni Woodruff (Buffalo Chip Director), and Andria Yu (Motorcycle Industry Council)

There’s a saying about a train going somewhere: Everyone wants to be on it. Versus the alternative: “Someone get me off this thing!” or “When’s this thing going to get fixed and out of the shop yard?”

When it’s time to gather up great passengers, it’s important to pair up with big guns like the State of South Dakota Tourism Department and the Lou Hammond PR Group to attract and bring in national media to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling.

In April, South Dakota brought the Chip to New York City to help “pop up” the state’s official SoDak House in SoHo. This dynamic multisensory experience brought state representatives, invited media and content creators together during a three-day event to experience the state’s monumental attractions alongside Jim Hagen, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism.

As a result, you’ll see a few extra media running around to cover the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

Thank you for helping to keep the good on the train and keep it moving to more exciting destinations.

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Brand Alliance Highlight: Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Russ Brown, the legendary motorcycle attorneys, have been a part of the Buffalo Chip for nine consecutive years – that’s an impressive run! Known for their dedication to protecting riders’ rights, Russ Brown’s presence adds an invaluable resource for bikers.

At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, their experience on two wheels is a passion that works to your benefit. You can learn more about their legal protections on the road at the Russ Brown website.

Welcome Back: Grunt Style

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Grunt Style

We’re excited to welcome Grunt Style, America’s patriotic apparel brand, to The Best Party Anywhere. Known for their bold, military-inspired designs, Grunt Style’s presence adds a new level of American pride to the rally.

You can explore their high-quality gear, celebrating freedom, honor, and the warrior spirit at the Grunt Style website.

Welcome Back: High Seas Rally

Sturgis Buffalo Chip High Seas Rally

Sturgis Buffalo Chip proudly welcomes the High Seas Rally back with an expanded presence to this year’s legendary motorcycle event. Known for its unique biker-themed cruises, the High Seas Rally brings its high-octane spirit and camaraderie to the greatest party anywhere.

Related: High Seas Rally: Fishtail (Pipes) out of Water

You can look forward to an exciting blend of adventure, entertainment, and the thrill of the open road – and open seas. Learn more about the High Seas Rally!

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Vendor Highlight: Mint Speed Shop

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Mint Speed Shop

Mint Speed Shop is a custom flannel manufacturer offering custom branding, designs, patterns, buttons, pearl snaps, and more! Mint Speed Shop partners with top names in the motorcycle community like Helping with Horsepower, Lloyd’z Garage, and, of course, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip! Their top-of-the-line, all-custom designs are a staple in biker fashion.

Learn more and order at the Mint Speed Shop website!

Meet the Team: Ashley Eriksen, Content Specialist

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Ashley Eriksen

Ashley Eriksen hasn’t been able to get enough of the Buffalo Chip since she first attended the Best Party Anywhere as a photographer at Camp Zero in 2021. The following year, she joined the Chip’s in-house media crew, and by 2023, she had become a full-time Content Specialist in our award-winning marketing department. Since then, Ashley has been creating content on our social media channels and bolstering the presence of content creators at our events.

Like most of the team, Ashley wears many hats. In addition to crafting our social media posts, she manages Camp Zero and leads a team of pirates to run the area’s events.

Creativity, humor, and not taking yourself too seriously are all requirements for being on the Chip Team, and it’s safe to say Ashley understands the assignment. She helped create fun new Minibike Games and a Scavenger Hunt and developed the Zero Fun Patrol, which issues humorous citations to people for “outlandish violations” like missing an inner child.

Ashley collaborates with the Chip’s sponsorship department and Camp Zero OGs to ensure guests have plenty to smile about. She helps ensure guests have access to Coleman Minibikes to borrow and a GoPowersports Minibike Garage to repair their minis. For 2024, she’s helped introduce the Martian Machine Games, Camp Zero Contraption Show, the Sons of Smokey Leave Zero Trace Clean Up, and Gambler 500 Formula G Go Kart racing.

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

Something new is coming to our third year in Sturgis…a week-long Mama Tried Motorcycle Show. 

Come to Full Throttle Saloon to be a part of the first annual Mama Tried Show – Sturgis!

Starting Saturday, Aug. 3, come check out the bikes on display, drool over the custom builds, and chat about all things moto. Don’t worry, Flat Out Friday will be there too! From Hare Scrambles to pop-up Stout Boonie Races, we’ve got you covered!


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