EconoKIT H2



Hot Java, the Thunder Press trial horse and staff mental health Sportster, had a bolt that it had managed to vibrate loose. Certainly not an uncommon occurrence, and a situation easily taken care of… except for one thing. HJ lives at the office and its riders tend to be among the less-mechanical members of the crew, so none of us had a wrench we could use to tighten the loose bolt. A little embarrassing, to be sure, and damned inconvenient to boot.

We finally managed to track down a suitable wrench, but the experience led us to the conclusion that a tool kit would be a useful addition to Hot Java’s small but growing accessory collection, and we knew just where to acquire one. CruzTools has established itself as the premiere supplier of tool kits for motorcycles and other vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles.

We settled on the EconoKIT H2 as the best solution for Hot Java’s situation. Organized by elastic loops in a sturdy nylon zipper pouch is a collection of five chrome vanadium wrenches, a six-in-one screwdriver handle, a spark plug wrench, five Allen wrenches, three Torx keys, a tire pressure gauge, five zip ties, a length of wire and a shop rag. Pretty much everything the average non-gearhead could find useful for tightening, loosening, or adjusting the bike’s assorted bolts and screws. Any mechanical situation we can’t handle with what’s in this kit calls for turning Hot Java over to the wrenching contingent for more expert attention.

We feel better with the EconoKIT riding along in the saddlebag. Just for that, it’s worth the $49.95. And it—or one of CruzTools’ other kits—would make a great gift for any new rider.


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