HK1 Wonder Wrench



The HK1 Wonder Wrench replaces 23 box-end wrenches: 7–19mm and 1/4–3/4 inch sizes. Designed for hexagonal headed bolts and nuts, it has some real advantages over adjustable crescent wrenches and even conventional box-end wrenches.

The two cold-forged hexagonal ends are based on angles, not measure. As a result, it doesn’t matter whether the bolt or nut is gauged in millimeters, fractional inches or some custom size of indeterminable dimensions. It also doesn’t matter that you’ve managed to round the edges of a bolt or nut using a conventional wrench because this one will still grip the object securely. I rummaged through my jars and boxes of assorted nuts and bolts and it fit every hexagonal-shaped head I could find within its range. I only have one slightly rounded hex-head bolt on any of my machines, but it worked just fine on this tension adjuster.

The adjustable element is obtained in the form of steel shafts and a hydraulic piston system in the body of the Wonder Wrench. This hydrokinetic system has a release/lock knob that allows the adjusting shaft to be pushed—from one end or the other—against the head of the bolt/nut to firmly seat it against the angles of the box end. You now have a box-end wrench that’s exactly the right size for the job. The rest is simply muscle power. If you get a firm handgrip or secure foot placement on this tool it will take all the torque you can deliver. The forged head has a 10-degree offset to allow room for your fingers when tightening or loosening the bolt/nut.

Obviously, an adjustable tool that replaces 23 nonadjustable ones will be a space saver, especially in regard to motorcycle tool kits. One of my bikes has been modified so many times it has both metric and SAE components. Someday I’ll standardize them, but for the last couple of years a general inspection check has required two sets of wrenches. I also ride factory bikes, and every time, I have to put together a unique tool kit before setting out on a tour. The Wonder Wrench will be a welcome addition to those temporary tool kits.

The Wonder Wrench is 7 1/4″ (or 184 millimeters) long and is made of nickel-plated steel. It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


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