This bag has traveled thousands of miles, as often off the bike as on it. I’ve carried it in cars, on a train and aboard ship. It’s my hotel bag and when traveling on business or staying at finer lodging, the Marsee 50L Zipp Bag is my preferred piece of luggage.

Made of 1050-denier ballistic nylon with waterproof coating, it features heavy molded tooth zippers, molded rubber carry handle on the main bag and two zip-off cargo bags, a 2-inch shoulder strap with swivel hooks, reflective panel, piping and logos, and a rain cover.

The Marsee 50L Zipp Bag has a six-point mounting system: four quick-release buckles for nylon straps that secure the bag to the seat, frame, or the side-case mounting hardware on your scoot, along with two quick release buckles that secure the bag from sliding forward when braking. Whether the last two are attached to license plate brackets, a rear grab handle or a mounted top case depends upon how your motorcycle is set up. Once you get it securely mounted you also have the option of unzipping the base pad to release the bag.

At first glance it looks like a large version of a standard tail bag. It’s rectangular and has four cargo pockets on the outside. However, it is not a standard design. One large cargo pocket is a small briefcase with an appropriately designed interior; another is a tool bag with a tool roll and retainer loops for the interior; the third is a toiletry case with interior mesh pockets; and the fourth also has mesh pockets for general stuff. The first three unzip and completely detach from the main bag; the first two have heavy molded carrying handles; the fourth pocket doesn’t detach. On the main bag the two heavy zipper pulls not only open the top, they continue unzipping to allow the bag to lie flat! Now everything that you’ve packed is readily accessible. Furthermore, three large hooks—which attach with swivel hooks to reinforced loops—allow the bag to be hung on the back of a door or the rails of a hotel closet. Naturally all the interior zippered mesh pockets and two envelope-type pockets are properly oriented when the bag is hung.

A business suit can be properly folded to fit. A small portable travel iron takes up a small portion of the attached cargo pocket. Add shoes and all the other essentials for an overnight business trip or pack it for a casual weekend vacation trip. Sometimes I pack my computer in the main compartment. I’ve never carried greasy tools in this bag, but once packed my favorite knives and utensils for a culinary event. In fact, I’ve never had this bag packed to total capacity. No matter how full, room has always been found for items remembered at the last minute.

Fifty liters is substantial capacity. The Marsee Zipp Bag measures approximately 22″ long x 20″ wide x 12″ high with all detachable cargo pockets filled. The interior is approximately 16″ long x 12″ wide x 12″ high. The large detachable cargo pockets are really auxiliary bags and they measure approximately 14″ long x 9″ high x 3″ deep. The stated load limit of the bag is 18 pounds, but I routinely exceed that and the bag is over-engineered anyway.

I don’t believe there’s another motorcycle bag on the market more suitable for hotel stays than the Marsee Zipp, and the fact that I use it even when not traveling on two wheels makes it just that much more practical.

#MAR-50ZB $189


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