National Winner

Fifty years ago, America stunned the world with the improbable Apollo 11 moon landing, cementing forever the exploratory spirit of humankind through Neil Armstrong’s solemn and prosaic words. For Italian Harley builder Gabriele Funi, Space Age captures our desire to explore and pursue adventures while honoring America’s technological and scientific accomplishments. 

“My greatest successes in terms motorcycles came when I started combining the transformation of motorcycles with a story to tell,” Funi wrote in an email, noting that last year his build incorporated a farming theme to pay respect to his rural Italian upbringing. 

Funi and his technicians took a Heritage Classic and introduced new lines, added a rear-view camera that replaces the need for mirrors, installed air suspension to lift the bike off the ground, and suspended the seat so that a rider would feel as if they are floating. 

The bike also incorporates a V-Rod headlight and Arlen Ness Flare 5 chrome wheels front and back. Lastly, the custom paint is meant to simulate the harsh reentry of a space capsule back to earth.  

“In Italy, when we build or, in this case, transform motorcycles, the thing we aim for is to emotionally excite people, to make their heart beat with just a glance at the bike. This is why we look for attention to detail; simple lines, but with a strong emotional impact,” wrote Funi.

He added that despite the difficult days, it is important to be able to create new myths and new places to explore where the difficulties of everyday life lead you to dream of a better world. While Thunder Press may not be a place for poets, we would say this Italian kinda nails the Harley-Davidson creed.  

Harley-Davidson Bologna was the first authorized Italian Harley-Davidson dealership. 


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