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Ever taken off from a stop in second gear? Ever motored along at freeway speeds for long miles in fifth? Ever downshifted inadvertently into neutral before making a quick turn into oncoming traffic? Scary, no? That need never happen again with Harley-Davidson’s new Digital Gear Indicator, a nifty little device that takes the guesswork out of gearbox operation—even when the clutch is disengaged. Mounted conspicuously on your handlebar, the indicator displays your current gear with a bright LED that’s equipped with a photocell to keep it adjusted for optimal visibility in varying light conditions. Both a chrome and satin black finish are offered, and the price of $219.95 includes everything you need for a plug-and-play installation.


Rawhide ride
Saddle up your iron steed in style with Harley-Davidson’s new Distressed Leather Badlander Seat, a low-profile, well-weathered creation designed to look like “a vintage Western saddle.” The rich leather used to cover the seat is left untreated so it will continue to age and wear naturally just like the hide on your own wind-whipped, sunburn-beaten face. The Badlander costs $479.95, and can be complemented with a matching Tank Panel for an additional $59.95, and either a Passenger Backrest Pad for $119.95, or Short Passenger Pad for $159.95.


Classy cover-up
Removing your passenger pillion and making your bike a sexy solo mount has the drawback of leaving your fender unprotected and vulnerable to scratching every time you bungee your jacket or a six pack on the back. Fender Skins from Drag Specialties eliminates that peril while at the same time giving a custom finished look to that exposed patch. Three styles of Fender Skin are offered, and materials used include either high-grade vinyl or embossed leather on the center, leather on the perimeter, and a soft paint-friendly felt on the back. The pricing is friendly too, starting at just $26.95.

Drag Specialties 

Küryakyn’s new Run-Turn Edge Accents are a slick way to add a splash of bling and additional illumination to the batwing fairing of any 1996-present Electra Glide, Street Glide or Trike. Installation requires no drilling and the wiring is plug-and-play. Once affixed, the Edge Accents function as both running lights and turn indicators, and the price of all that dazzle is $89.99.

Küryakyn   866.277.9598

Catch some rays
From Leader Motorcycle comes the Ultra-SOL Solar-powered Electronic Mounting Kit consisting of a suite of components that offer a sweet alternative to wiring gadgets or chargers directly into your bike’s electrical system. The heart of the kit is a Brunton outdoor solar panel that provides the juice from ambient light. Also included are an eCaddy Ultra and base bracket to hold both the solar panel and your choice of gadget, and an Ultra Swivel that allows you to aim your panel at the sun. Holding cradles capable of accommodating a myriad of different models of GPS, phones, etc. are supplied if required, and prices on the kits run from $250-$280.

Leader Motorcycle  800.828.0844

Down in front
Mustang’s new LowDown Touring Seat for 2009-present FL Touring Models is a fashionably low and short inseam-accommodating alternative to your stock Touring perch. This seat lowers the operator’s fanny by an inch and a half while also pushing it slightly forward, making it easier to get your boots on the ground. A narrow nose on the seat helps as well even as the actual sitting area remains spacious with a 16.5-inch width, and the passenger’s pampered too with a 14-inch wide platform. The LowDown is offered either plain or with studs for $489, and for another $180 you can add a fold-down operator backrest. A matching passenger wrap-around backrest with extended arms can be had for $269 to complete the LowDown look.

Mustang Seats  800.243.1392

Weighing in at less than a pound and a half, Harley-Davidson’s new Women’s Ultra-Light Half Helmet is an easy bucket to bear. Constructed of Aramid-reinforced fiberglass, it’s also a tough nut to crack and has a number of other desirable attributes to boot, starting with a removable, washable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial comfort liner. Addititionally, the Ultra-Light comes with a detachable “neck curtain” for warmth and ear protection in the cold, a removable visor, and a storage bag all for the price of $210.


Industrial art
Don’t let the looks deceive you. The Cut Back Gloss Black Magnum 5 Custom Wheels from Harley-Davidson may appear to be assembled from a whole slew of parts from a fancy Erector Set, but despite all those apparent spokes and rivets they’re actually one-piece aluminum castings. Harley asserts that the design was “inspired by the steel of a large-frame revolver” and hence the “Magnum” name (we still see Erector Set), and the “Cut Back” description applies to the machined facets and flutes that give the wheels their striking two-tone depth. The front Magnum 5 wheels are available in both 19″ and 21″ diameters, and the rear runs 17″, making them suitable for many 2006-present Dynas and 2000-present Softails. They sell for $449.95 each. Model-specific hardware kits required for the install are sold separately.


Hot sh*t
Transforming your stock Softail into a drool-worthy custom scoot is simplified with the Lucky F*cker Conversion Kit from Custom Chrome. Dreamed up by Custom Chrome’s own Rich Fulk in concert with renowned builder Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios, this kit consists of a gas tank, tank adapter, solo seat setup, rigid-style rear fender and fender struts. Little modification to the stock frame is required to effect the dramatic makeover. The total cost of the kit is $784.95, and all parts are available separately as well.

Custom Chrome  


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