Wind buster
The new Police Graphics Windscreen by Drag Specialties presents a snarling K-9, border patrol images, a SWAT team in hot pursuit and a huge “assist-protect-defend-U.S.A.” shield in its center. Designed as a way to honor those who protect and serve, these are OEM direct replacement windscreens in what’s known as “optically perfect” construction. Built from a durable, custom-molded premium Lexan polycarbonate, they each receive an FMR hard coating that gives the screen 20 times the impact resistance and abrasion resistance of standard acrylic, making it highly resistant to fading or scratching (though not actually bullet-proof). They come in two heights, 6″ and 8″, and fit 1996–2011 FLHT/FLHX Harley models along with all H-D FL Trikes. Made in the U.S.A., they carry a suggested retail price of $99.95.
Drag Specialties
Breeze control
The new Ventilator Detachable Windshield by Harley-Davidson incorporates a set of adjustable wings that vent the airflow to a rider’s preference. Fully opened, the Ventilators direct the air across the rider’s chest and while in the closed position, maximum protection from the elements is achieved. The windshield can be detached completely and easily reinstalled in just a few seconds. A Compact design is available in 19″ and 20″ heights to fit many Sportsters, Dyna and Softail models (prices range from $424.95 to $474.95). A 21″ King-Size version is available for 1994-and-later Road Kings and a number of Softail models ($374.95 to $424.95). See an authorized Harley dealer for exact fitment details.
Double down
Originally designed for Dyna Glides, the Street Bob, Fat Bob and Super Glide, C&C Motorcycle Seats has recently expanded to include Sportsters in their 2Up line with their SportTour 2Up Seat. The driver’s section measures 12″ wide with a 5″ tall lumbar height with the length varying from 15 3/4″ to 16 3/4″ depending on the size of the bike’s gas tank. The passenger seat measures in at 8″ wide. The top covering is available in black or colored vinyl, exotic or imitation hides, and either plain or in six different stitch patterns. Pricing for the plain vinyl design starts at an economical $270.
C&C Motorcycle Seats  866.775.2100
Protective bling
Harley-Davidson’s Pink Label Collection features more than 50 items where a portion of the proceeds help fund the YourShoes 24/7 Support Center that supports patients and families affected by breast cancer. The latest addition to this MotorClothes line is the women’s Pink Label Special Edition Leather Biker Jacket. This limited-edition jacket is accented with a swirling Swarovski crystal inlay graphic across the back shoulders spelling out Harley-Davidson. Other embellishments include pink trim on the zippers, a quilted pattern on the breast panel, cuffs and shoulders and rhinestone-bejeweled snaps. Coming in sizes XS–3W, the jacket carries a price tag of $495.
Ring of fire
Adequate illumination is invaluable to safe motorcycling—and when it comes boxed in a stylish package, so much the better. Cutting a path to better visibility is the new HedLED Headlight System by Rivera Primo. These headlights are available in three distinct designs, each offering an integrated LED ring around the lens perimeter that can be used as turn indicators or running lights. The “Mighty Magnum” (9″ long) and the “Mini Magnum” (7″) are each 5 3/4″ diameter headlights that feature a H4 halogen bulb rated at 60/55 watt and a three-bar lens, surrounded by a ring of 12 LEDs. The “RFB HID” is a true High Intensity Discharge system measuring 4 1/4″ diameter by 10″ long. The LED array is embedded in the bezel and provides a truly retro shape. Prices vary; not legal in all states.
Rivera Primo Inc  800.872.1515
Rolling photo log
With instant contact now being part and parcel of our daily lives, more bikers are taking to the road with camera gear to archive their riding adventures. Latest on the scene of techo-recording gear is the Contour GPS Wearable Cam by AeroStich. This nifty low-profile camera offers the added feature of a built-in GPS receiver that will track your location, speed and altitude while recording your exploits in full HD resolution. An optional Connect View Card is also available that works in tandem with the Cam and, through a Contour Mobile App, allows you to stream a live video signal wirelessly to your iPhone or iPod Touch. This feature enables you to configure your camera settings, check battery levels and to confirm a locked GPS signal from your touch screen. Additional features include a wide-angle lens, three resolutions, two frame rates and a still photo mode. This little gem has it all with the main Cam going for $349 and the Connect View unit pricing out at an additional $30.
AeroStich RiderWear  800.222.1994
Back in black
As we all know, flat is just so… well… flat. That’s why Küryakyn first developed their line of curved license plate brackets to fit the Street Glide and Road Glide. To update the unit, Küryakyn has dipped the original product into a vat of dark evilness and the result is their new Gloss Black Curved License Plate Mount. Installation is a simple bolt-up operation, requiring no drilling or modifications. The mount retails for $79.99 and is available to fit 2006-2011 FLHX Street Glide and the 2010-2011 FLTRX Road Glide models.
Küryakyn  866.277.9598
Beat the heat
Coming to the aid of overheated Softail owners, the new Mid-Frame Air Deflector provides some much-needed relief during extreme duty riding and in severe temperatures. This airfoil attaches to the frame under the nose of seats on 2008-later models (except Rocker and Rocker C), surrounding the rear head and shielding the rider from excess heat as the airflow is redirected down and away from the seating area. Retailing for $74.95, the kit includes all necessary mounting hardware.
Keeping baby beautiful
For the last 25 years, Wizards Products has been churning out their popular line of cleaners, waxes and polish and simplifying the cleaning day chores of countless fastidious bikers. To celebrate such a momentous birthday, the company is introducing three new additions to their extensive list of products. Their new Shine Master provides tough poly-acrylic protection and is used as a wax replacement, swirl mark removal agent or show glaze. The new Scratch Remover goes a little deeper in removing minor scratches and blemishes and is touted as a safe alternative to harsher rubbing compounds. And the company’s new Bug Release is chemically designed to remove bugs and their nasty residue by neutralizing acidic proteins common in flying road pests. While strong enough to remove bug-goo, it will not strip off wax or polish.
Wizards Products  800.356.7223


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