Bright future
It’s only a matter of time before LED technology advances to the point where virtually all conventional lighting will utilize diodes, and Harley-Davidson is doing their part with the introduction of the LED Headlamps and Auxiliary Lamps in sizes suitable for most MoCo applications. They look cool, too, with distinctive D-shaped lenses and, in the case of the headlamps, separate projector lenses for high and low beam focusing. The superiority of the LED over incandescent fixtures is indisputable, providing as they do a more natural quality of light, dramatically longer life, lower power usage and less heat build-up. What’s not to love? Well, actually, the price. A 5.75-inch headlamp runs $399.95, and the 7-inch unit goes for $494.95. A pair of 4-inch passing lights costs $384.95. Ouch.


Pretty in plum
With the holidays upon us, MotorClothes has trotted out their Holiday Collection and among the offerings this year is the striking new Stormy Functional Jacket for women, a versatile water-resistant nylon garment ideal for the damps and chills of the season. Beneath the nylon outer shell, this jacket has a poly-mesh lining and a removable quilted vest liner for warmth. If you’re among those lucky enough to need them this time of year (i.e. Floridians, Arizonans and Hawaiians) the Stormy also has dual zippered vents front and back for flow-through ventilation. Other functional features include lightweight removable body armor at the elbows and shoulders, and super-reflective 3M Scotchlite piping and graphics. The price is $225. Good deal.


Snappy operation
The clever Push Button Detachable Luggage Rack offers owners of 2009–present Touring model Harleys an attractive alternative to the factory quick-release products. Made by Motherwell Products, these racks are designed to hook up with OE docking hardware, but employ a patented push button system that’s more user-friendly than what the factory offers. They’re good-looking to boot, sporting smooth lines and also providing tie-down hooks for securing the load. Heavy gauge tubing is used in the construction, and they’re available in either show chrome or matte black for $179.99.

Motherwell Products   877.703.7118

Rigid and hidebound
The new #37 Springer-Style Leather Saddlebags from the artisans at Boss Bags are as sturdy and functional as Softail luggage gets. Constructed on a one-piece molded fiberglass framework and topped with a plastic-reinforced lid, they’ll hold their shape under any and all conditions, whether packed or empty. They fit close to the frame of any Softail model with low pipes (including the Deluxe with stock exhaust) and feature quick-disconnect, locking latch straps and a double-zippered closure beneath the lid for security and weather tightness. They’ll work with detachable backrests and don’t require turn signal relocation (on 2000 and newer models). A number of styles are available ranging from plain, unadorned bags for $1,075, up to the version shown here with fringe, basket-weave and conchos for $1,300. The price includes the detachable hardware, padlocks, leather care kit and shoulder straps for easy transport off the bike.

Boss Bags   888.853.9975

Hold the phone
From Hell’s Foundry comes this sleek new tank console for Harley Touring models that incorporates a complete docking station for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Called the DashLink, this console not only keeps devices fully charged on the fly, so you can have continuous use of features like navigation apps, but also interfaces with your bike’s sound system, and with whatever WiFi-enabled devices you use. The volume is controlled by your stock handlebar controls on models so-equipped. The console is offered in chrome, gloss black or carbon fiber finish, and retails for $399.95.

Hell’s Foundry  866.999.4355

Snake’s alive
Artist Larry Grossman is renowned for his elaborately detailed, dreamily surreal depictions of bikes, hot rods, travel trailers, diners and other nostalgic pop culture Americana. His latest creation, Reckless Roadkill Redemption on Route 66, is a visual feast of the cool and the bizarre, all centered around what appears to be a greybeard biker dashing into traffic to rescue a snake. Awesome. Other weird story lines suggest themselves the longer you look at this work. An 18″ x 24″ litho print is available for a mere $30, and for another $5 you can get one signed and dated by the author. And here’s a killer gift idea: For a “reasonable fee” the artist will personalize the scene, adding you and/or your ride—or somebody you know—to the madness. Watch out for the snake.

RetroVisions  818.907.8626

Dude, where’s my bike?
With the Motorcycle GPS Tracker from you’ll never have to wonder about your bike’s whereabouts, or where it’s been—recently or ever. This busy little device mounts on your scooter and provides automatic tracking, motion detection and theft alert among a whole raft of other real-time information, and the most impressive feature is that the device will send you text messages and e-mail notifications of that status. You can also go online and get a screenshot plotting of where your bike is and what it’s been doing, and how it’s feeling. Eerie. The Tracker draws almost no battery power, and has its own back-up battery in case your battery gets disconnected (and it will text you when that happens). That’s a whole lot of wizardry and peace of mind in a tiny, easily-installed package. The $695 retail price includes the first year of airtime.   386.846.6830

Bad in black
The guys aren’t forgotten in this year’s MotorClothes Holiday Collection, though if we were we’d be stoic about it. We get the Destroyer Functional Jacket, a jacket that’s not nearly as pretty as the women’s Stormy jacket, but one that has additional allowance for body armor in the back. It also has a tougher 100-denier polyester shell, and a quilted liner vest that uses Thinsulate. So there. Like the ladies’ jacket, the Destroyer has pre-curved sleeves and adjustable cuff and waist tabs. But we also get a power-stretch panel at the waist back. So there. At $275, the Destroyer costs $50 more than the Stormy. Rats.


Snakebite kit
Suppose you’re riding through West Texas and a diamondback up and chomps you through the boot. What the hell do you do? That’s not a problem, provided you’ve taken the precaution of packing a flask of snakebite at the ready, and the best way to do that is with the Horn Flask Kit from Billet Boys. This handsome chrome fixture has a spring-loaded receiver to hold your medical supply securely within reach. The kit includes the flask, billet bracket and replacement horn and is a simple operation to install. The kit costs $150 and, come to think of it, is also a handy accessory for the cold and flu season. Or whatever.

Billet Boys  866.930.1014


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