Getting straight
Appearances can be deceiving, and while these Old School Shotguns from Rush Racing Products do indeed have the long, rude straight-pipe look popular with purists, there’s more to them than that. Designed to fit ’09 and ’10 H-D Tourers, this system features high-temp ceramic coatings both internally and externally on the head pipes to maintain the heat within—thus improving exhaust flow—while simultaneously sparing the operator and passenger some of the heat radiation that’s a common nuisance on TC96 baggers. The Shotguns come with your choice of baffles and your choice of finish: chrome for $525.95, or black for $535.95.

Rush Racing Products   219.942.0069

Down for the count
Count on the wags at Aerostich to bring you not only the most functional and innovative of motorcycling products, but also the funniest. Witness the new Kickstand Kritters—actual kickstand pads disguised as fuzzy roadkill. Plant your stand on a “Splattered Squirrel” or “Flattened Frog” and you’ll draw as much attention in a crowded parking lot as the most tricked-out custom bike. Each of these cute chunks of carrion encases a solid 4-inch disc to keep your kickstand out of the dirt or squishy asphalt, and the plush pelts are fully washable—though Aerostich recommends keeping them filthy for a more authentic appearance. Take your pick for $19.

Aerostich  800.222.1994

Tire biter
The Cycle Jaws from Pingel is designed to keep your bike upright and steady while strapping it down on a trailer or truck bed, all without damaging the rubber or marring the rotors or rim. It also works as a free-standing appliance on your garage floor to facilitate servicing and detailing your ride. The device is completely adjustable for your exact wheel dimensions, and has the added benefit of a low front anchor plate to facilitate rolling your bike into place—it’s a one-man operation. The Cycle Jaws carry a price of $289, and that includes the sub-deck mounting plates for securely bolting it down on your truck or trailer.

Pingel Enterprise   888.474.6435

Long legs on a low budget
If you’re suffering from 6-speed envy and wishing you could operate your bike at freeway speeds with the lower RPMs inherent to that extra cog, but you just don’t have the dough for a new gearbox, then this 27-Tooth Motor Sprocket Conversion Kit from Illusion Motorsports might be just the ticket. The kit consists of the motor sprocket and compatible primary chain, and according to the manufacturer takes about an hour to install. The result is wider transmission ratio spread that reduces top-gear engine revs by 8 percent. Kits are available for 5-speed Big Twin models made from 1990–2006, and best of all, the cost is a mere $122.95.

Illusion Motorsports   714.894.1942

Harley-Davidson’s new Edge Cut Collection of matched custom components uses a combination of black powder coat and machined slots exposing the bare aluminum to achieve a striking and sharply dimensioned two-tone effect. Included in the extensive collection and representative of the edgy motif brought to all the parts are the Edge Cut Mirrors and Edge Cut Control Lever Kit shown here. The mirrors sell for $219.95, and the levers go for $139.95. Also available in Edge Cut styling are hand grips, foot and shifter pegs, brake pedal, footboard inserts and heel/toe shifter, all suitable for installation on a wide range of Softail, Dyna, XL, VRSC and Touring models.


Shady deal
Harley-Davidson’s Retractable Sun Shield-equipped Helmets are the hot setup for days when the sun’s playing peek-a-boo through the clouds, or for riding those wooded and mountainous back roads from bright light into deep shadows. A quick flip of the “One Touch internal tinted shield” deploys the shade, and it flips back just as quick. The handy feature is offered on a half-helmet ($125), ¾ helmet ($160) and modular helmet ($250). The ¾ and modular also feature an AccuSight anti-fog outer shield. Liners on the helmets are removable and washable, and all styles are available in sizes XS to 2XL.


Bolt-on bobber
Giving your Dyna a convincing bob-job is now as simple as 1-2-3 with these new kits from Harley-Davidson. The Chopped Rear Fender Kit ($449.95 in Vivid Black; $349.95 in primer) is a direct bolt-on replacement for your stock fender that eliminates the stock brake light, incorporating all lighting/signaling functions in the turn indicators. It also eliminates the license plate frame, so you’ll need to go the next step and install the custom-cool new Side Mount License Plate Kit ($194.95), a flashy chrome unit with integrated plate light. But why stop there? Finish off the transformation with a Black Leather Solo Spring Saddle and the bob-job effect is complete. The seat costs $269.95, and requires the purchase of a $229.95 mounting hardware kit. These kits will fit most 2006–present Dyna models.


Countering the ravages of the sun and wind that besiege you in the saddle has long been a messy, inconvenient and eye-irritating prospect. That no longer need be the case, now that a company called Skin Hog has come out with a pair of products, Sunscreen Mist and Moisture Mist, that make it possible to simply spritz on all the UV protection and skin moisturizing you need. The Sunscreen Mist is formulated to shield out damaging UV rays without resorting to the chemical irritants common to other sunscreens—no more tears, in other words. The Moisturizing Mist preserves the natural oils in your skin, preventing the weathering of your youthful visage while also providing a refreshing blast of cooling menthol. Use both and you’re ready for the Mojave. The price is $9.99 each.

Skin Hog  661.510.2297

Head over wheels
From San Francisco BrightWorks comes this Flying Skull Fender Lamp, an illuminated ornament reminiscent of the Indian war bonnet fender lamp, only creepier. Created by sculptor Norm De Carlo, this hand-crafted fixture is executed in clear amber with root beer swirls affixed to a black housing, and lit from within by a wire running to your lighting circuitry. It also blurs the line between custom goodie and objet d’art with a price of $549. For another hundred bucks, S.F. Brightworks will throw in a fender and pre-assemble the piece. That sounds like the way to go.

San Francisco BrightWorks   415.420.7319


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