Light ’n’ lively
That didn’t take long. Barely a month after Harley-Davidson announced the Stateside availability of the race-bred, Euro-targeted XR1200, Supertrapp hit the market with this high-performance XR1200 2:2 Megaphone System that offers some dramatic improvements over the stock setup. Turned out in brushed stainless steel, this handsome system features tunable disc packs that permit power characteristics to be dialed in by the addition or removal of 4-inch discs. When tested with 16 of the included 20 discs installed, this system produced a healthy 10 percent boost in mid-range horsepower and torque. The exhaust note is reportedly ballsy, and best of all, these pipes weigh in at a svelte 15 pounds—fully 21 pounds lighter than the stock units. The price is $985.

Supertrapp Industries   216.265.8400

Tears for gear
Restyled for 2009, these Teardrop Saddlebags from Saddlemen are a study in function, versatility and economy. Rigidly constructed and equipped with lockable latches (with padlocks included), these bags will fit on just about any Harley model, and do so without the need to relocate the turn signals in most applications. They can be slung over the fender using the included zippered yoke or hard-mounted with the provided chrome supports. The lids on these bags remain open in an upright position for ease of packing, and internal mesh pockets help keep things organized. The price for all of this utility and convenience is a low $279.95.

Saddlemen Industries  800.397.7709

Up and back
If the stock handlebar reach on your Dyna or Softail has you feeling a bit overextended, the solution lies in the dashing new 6-Inch Curved Pullback Riser from Harley-Davidson. This $119.95 riser positions the grips a full inch closer to the operator, and adds some custom elan in the bargain. When used in combination with one of Harley’s ergo-tightening Reach seats and Profile Low suspensions, your ride can be attractively tailored to your diminutive dimensions, making for a more comfortable and controlled life in the saddle. Be advised, though, that the additional height of the handlebars may require longer cables and brake line, and may even raise your bars above the legal height limit in some jurisdictions. Big deal.


Full metal jacket
Using a process called “atomic forging,” the engineers at RayGun Technology employ a barrage of metal ions to create a super-hard, utterly wear-resistant surface on metal parts, one that, unlike conventional plating or anodizing, is integrated into the molecular structure of the piece for lifelong durability. The first commercial product to offer the benefits of that technology are these Atomic Forged Brake Rotors, and as you can see, there are also cosmetic benefits involved. Six show-quality finishes are available: polished chrome, polished gold, polished light gold, satin chrome, satin gold and satin light gold. A variety of hub and friction ring designs are offered as well, and the price runs $499 each.

RayGun Technology   866.950.3077

Exhausting detail
Using the process of hydroforming, which you may be familiar with from its use in producing elaborate automotive exhaust manifolds and other intricate forming processes including the chassis of the V-Rod, designer/builder Carl Brouhard has taken the Brouhard by BUB True Duals Exhaust System to an unprecedented level of ornamentation, incorporating a sculpted motif with what he calls an “art-deco feel” into the bodies of the mufflers. But that’s just the end of the story—literally. Upstream from there this system uses mandrel-bent 1.75-inch headers encased in 2.25-inch heat shields for a truly brawny and seamless appearance. Power enhancement in the midrange and at the top end are claimed, as is a satisfying—but not legally annoying—exhaust note. The mufflers have slash-cut ends that can be pointed up or down to suit your style, and both a bright chrome and black ceramic finish are offered. This system will fit all Tourer models made from 1995 to 2008, and costs $1,099.95.

Drag Specialties

Rest easy
The Low Profile Backrest from the bike product innovators at Haulen Ass takes the pain out of attaching a backrest for those times when you want that security for your partner or backpack, and taking it back off when you want to return to your sleek profiling ways. Constructed of stout 8-gauge steel, this unit fastens to the fender beneath the saddle, requiring no obtrusive mounting plates or hardware, and also requiring no relocation of turn signals. They cost $249.95, come in either shiny chrome or sinister black powder coat, and will work on Dynas, Softails, Sportsters or Tourers.

Haulen Ass   866.872.6876

Prevention and cure
You know how it works. If you pack your raingear, you won’t need it, but if you leave it at home it’ll piss buckets. That’s not always the case, of course, but it’s true in enough instances that it’s become a cliché, and the trick is to find some effective raingear that isn’t bulky and space-consuming to take along when you ride, and that’s where the Ultralight Rain Pants and Emergency Boot Raincovers from Aerostich have you covered. The Rain Pants are sewn of tough waterproof nylon with long side zippers for ease of installation, but pack down into their own zippered pocket, resulting in a relatively tiny 4″ x 5″ x 1.5″ package you can stash just about anywhere. The Boot Raincovers take even less space, wadding into a built-in 3″ x 4″ x 1.3″ pouch you can probably stick in the pocket of the Rain Pants. Slick. The pants are available in regular and long sizes for $77, and the booties will set you back $57.

Aerostich   800.222.1994

Getting dark
The Motor Company’s Dark Custom campaign has yet to reach the Tourer platform, and we’re betting that will change for 2010, but in the interim you can get out ahead of the crowd and bring the Dark Side treatment to your bagger with Harley’s help. Their new Gloss Black Engine Guard Kit and Gloss Black Rear Saddlebag Guard Kit will take you a long way in that direction, replacing your passé chrome bits with fashionably dark counterparts. The engine guards sell for $209.95, and the saddlebag guards go for $179.95. You could probably get your existing parts powder-coated for less, but who needs the hassle?


Bivouac sack
Goin’ somewhere? With the new Sportz X-plorer Bike PAC a quick getaway is a matter of fastening a pair of adjustable straps to your scoot, and with that simple operation you’re all geared up for basic camping wherever you end up. The Bike PAC includes three basic components: an excellent one-man tent complete with rain fly, a mummy-style sleeping bag, and a collapsible camp stool. They all pack neatly into a compact 10″ x 10″ x 21.5″ carrying case with integrated straps, and the whole package weighs in at ten pounds and comes at a compact price of $199.95. They’ll be available in May, just in time for the season.

Napier Enterprises   800.567.2434


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