New on the performance scene is HAWGBLUD by Blud Lubricants. A 20W-50, 100-percent synthetic oil, HAWGBLUD was specifically designed and engineered for Harley-Davidson V-Twins (hence the “Hawg” name). It also utilizes a red coloring (hence the “Blud” inference) that will darken over time with use as the product cleans and protects the motor, providing a visual indicator of the need to change fluids. A premium product, HAWGBLUD offers maximum protection against both viscosity and thermal breakdown, meeting the strict requirements specified by JASO 4T specifications. HAWGBLUD exceeds all H-D OEM warranty requirements (but can be used in any V-twin requiring 20W-50 engine oil), is highly oxidation stable and protects against viscosity breakdown in severe service. Detergent dispersants keep engine parts clean while anti-wear agents protect high-load moving parts such as cam lobes. Designed for use in the engine crankcase, primary drive and transmission, HAWGBLUD also optimizes wet-clutch performance, protects against high temperature oxidation and reduces varnish while helping develop more horsepower. Selling for $18 a quart, special pricing currently in place allows you to buy three

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