JIMS Dip­stick Socket No. 759



Coming to the aid of owners of late-model baggers and Dynas, the new JIMS Dipstick Socket No. 759 allows the quick and burn-free removal of the engine oil dipsticks that reside dangerously close to the rear exhaust pipe. It’s constructed from Delrin, a polyacetal thermoplastic with a high degree of stiffness and excellent dimensional stability, making it ideally suited for use in this product. It features a 3/8″ square hole for a ratchet attachment and a 7/8″ hex for a socket or wrench fitment. It also has a cutout that allows for clearance around the exhaust. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it carries a MSRP of $25.75 and is designed for ’07–present Harley FL and ’06 to present FXD models with factory installed level indicators.


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