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Where am I?

The “Where Am I?” game is for all Thunder Press readers, whatever part of the country you hail from. Offered each month is a set of clues within a riddle, and from those clues your job is to guess where our wandering reporter (and riddlemeister) Susan might be. Locations chosen are always in the Western U.S. or Canada.

How does it work?
The clues can be solved either by personal familiarity with the location, with the aid of a map, or by using the Internet. When a clue is particularly important, and/or somewhat vague, we often italicize that trickier portion to make sure your attention is drawn there.

Where/when/what do I win?
Very important: Do not e-mail your guess until the 12th of the month, so everyone in our circulation area has a chance to get a copy of the paper. Then on the 12th e-mail Susan at susan@tohonor.org and if you’re the fifth correct e-mail you win. (Note: If there’s no phone number in your e-mail where I can call you, your e-mail will not arrive fifth. Some law of physics or something…) Winners are profiled and pictured in the following issue. Good luck.