Performance Machine unleashes their Americana-themed Street Glide racer


2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Rider: #50 Josh Herrin

Finished: DNF

Words by Mitch Boehm, as told by Performance Machine’s Sean Delshadi
Photos by Brian J. Nelson

Thunder Press: Your initial thoughts on KOTB, and why did you participate?

Sean Delshadi: Basically, that this is an awesome idea, and you have our full support! Rob Buydos was throwing the idea around at a Drag Specialties ride a couple years ago. He rallied a few of us at the time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

TP: Which Harley or Indian model did you start with? And why?

SD: We started with a 2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. We wanted to take the slowest Bagger in the fleet and really transform it. The 96 cubic-inch Twin Cam was a great platform to start with.

You just knew Performance Machine’s KOTB contender was gonna show up with the fanciest wheels in the paddock, and the team’s Americana-themed Street Glide racer didn’t disappoint, sporting gold-anodized alloy hoops that meshed nicely with the gold-tinged fork legs, foot controls and RWB paint.

TP: Your team’s angle going in? 

SD: We wanted to build a bagger that was versatile, something you could ride on a twisty road, and then take to the track if you wanted.

TP: The thinking behind your choice of rider?

SD: With Josh Herrin we were hoping to bring attention to the event and our brand. It was also a good excuse to hang with a good friend and an overall fun guy!

TP: What chassis modifications did you make, and why?

SD: We used a Trac Dynamic billet swingarm, because it looks bad ass and the multiple shock mounting points allow us to change ride height on the fly. Also a Progressive tour link to help stiffen up the rear end and eliminate swaying in the corners. Finally, an Ohlins steering damper, to smooth out any unwanted input on the front end.

TP: What engine modifications did you make, and why?

SD: Zippers 124ci cylinder/piston kit; Zippers stage 4 headwork; Redshift cams; Zippers blueprinted cam plate; Screamin’ Eagle (SE) high-flow oil pump; SE forged rocker supports; Zippers adjustable pushrods; HPI 62mm throttle body; 8.5G Injectors; Thundermax ECU; Barnett Scorpion clutch; Darkhorse crank refresh. The numbers were good! 126 horsepower (stock was 60) and 134 foot pounds of torque (stock is 72).

While the Performance Machine crew struggled with electrical gremlins during the weekend (which kept them from finishing), pilot Josh Herrin – of MotoAmerica Superbike fame – cut some pretty quick laps, wheelying through the Corkscrew and making it all look easy. It’s not.

TP: How much (if any) pre-race testing did you do, and what did you discover?

SD: About 100 miles of street riding to the track one week prior. Worked with Josh to dial in the chassis and mapping. 

TP: Biggest surprise (or surprises) for you and your team?

SD: The time crunch, really, just one month from bare frame to track testing. 

TP: How’d the weekend go? Results, problems, realizations, etc. 

SD: We had electrical issues that caused the bike to randomly shut down. We worked into the night trying to solve the issues but were unable to pinpoint it. 

TP:What would you have done differently if you had the chance?

SD: More testing and dialing in before race weekend.

TP: Will you be part of the KOTB next year?

SD: Yes, absolutely!

TP: Anything else you’d like to add?

SD: It was a great experience taking a touring bike and turning it into a race bike. People pulled out all the stops and got creative with their bikes, and it helped bring a lot of hype and interest to the V-Twin world. 


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