Seven races on three tracks in nine days

Photos: Evil Hours Racing, Jerry Nichols, LegendaryRandyEricksenFilms

Jacqui Van Ham has repped the biggest brands in motorcycling and announced for some of the most exciting racing in the U.S. “Xtreem Flattrack put on an action-packed week of racing,” Jacqui said, “during the iconic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for 2020. The very beginnings of Sturgis are deeply rooted in dirt track racing, and I’m incredibly proud to have been invited to be a part of their Ronnie Stratton Memorial Sturgis Rally Championship. My hat is off to the hard-working, dedicated and fun team at Xtreem Flat Track Racing!”

“What an experience,” Erik Harley of Evil Hours racing told us! “Flat track nonprofit organization Evil Hours Racing participated in the Xtreem Flat Track series at the 80th annual Sturgis Rally, picking up a 3rd place podium on Friday night. While Saturday was a bit of a struggle, Wednesday more than made up for it. Dirt track pro Robbie “Bugs” Pearson held a flat track training school, and Evil Hours Racing sent a US Army Combat Engineer and Afghanistan veteran to the school free of charge. He even was able to ride flat track pro Jessie Janisch’s Husqvarna 450!”

AFT Singles rider Jessie Janisch told Thunder Press: “Veteran Ernie was invited to complete a riding school hosted by Rob Pearson through Evil Hours Racing. He unfortunately didn’t have a bike yet but was willing to come and listen and learn as much as he could. When I was chatting with him and realized he didn’t have a bike, I wasn’t going to just let him sit and watch all the fun. I grabbed the bike I’ve been racing out of my van, so he could apply what we were explaining to the track.” That made one veteran’s day! 

Thunder Press will be publishing stories and photos submitted by readers throughout the month of September to celebrate the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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