MILWAUKEE (Oct. 25, 2011)  Harley-Davidson Motor Company today delivered two truckloads of new clothing to NewThreads of Hope, a local non-profit organization that will provide the donated jeans, jackets, T-shirts, gloves and hats to agencies that give the clothing free of charge to people and families in need. This third donation for the year is very timely as the colder winter months approach.

“While Harley-Davidson is proud to continue to support NewThreads of Hope, our donation is really about their mission of providing new clothing for new opportunities,” said Patrick Smith, Vice President and General Manager of General Merchandise for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “Supporting the communities where we live and work is very important to all of us at Harley-Davidson, and through our relationships with organizations like NewThreads of Hope, we are helping our neighbors here in Milwaukee.”

During 2011, Harley-Davidson donated more than 70,000 items of new clothing and merchandise to NewThreads. The organization works with other non-profit agencies that receive the merchandise at no charge, and together ensure the items being received are helping men, women and children who have an immediate need.

“NewThreads of Hope collects, sorts and distributes only new, unused clothing,” explained Dennis Brand, President of NewThreads of Hope. “When someone receives the clothing donated by Harley-Davidson, it tells them the company cares enough to give them something that is new and only theirs. This is a powerful message, and we thank Harley-Davidson for all its generosity this year.”

NewThreads of Hope uses volunteers to process, sort and divide the clothing among the local social service agencies who distribute the items. Several organizations are slated to receive items from the Harley-Davidson donation, including local agencies here in Milwaukee and others throughout the United States. For more information about NewThreads of Hope, visit its website at



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