Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally
2021 Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally ready for Labor Day weekend event.

The MoCo will host a new Hometown Rally in Milwaukee on Labor Day weekend, with the Harley-Davidson Museum serving as a central rally point, with events also taking place at six surrounding Harley dealerships.

“It will be a celebration of all things Harley, a chance to re-connect with other riders who share the desire for adventure, freedom, and community that is the real heart of the Harley-Davidson experience,” said Jochen Zeitz, H-D’s chairman, president and CEO.

The 20-acre campus of the H-D Museum will host free live concerts on three consecutive nights, food-and-beverage sites, stunt exhibitions and skills demonstrations, new motorcycle demos, and motorcycle showcases hosted by Born Free and V-Twin Visionary. Final rally details and schedules will be revealed at H-D.com/hometownrally.


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