Sturgis, S.D., Feb. 1—After a lifetime of motorcycle riding and almost three decades of leading Samson Exhaust, the legendary “Godfather of Pipes”, CEO and Founder of the iconic Samson Exhaust, Kenny Price, is looking to ride off into the sunset and retire.

Samson Exhaust was officially founded in 1991 with the mission to build great looking pipes that you would be proud of. In the lifetime of Samson Exhaust, the company has built and sold hundreds of thousands of exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson and other makes of motorcycles.

Throughout the years Samson Exhaust has been the worlds’ leading aftermarket exhaust company for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Many of the popular styles you see today were invented by Kenny Price himself. Styles like true dual crossovers, a multitude of Big Guns, Cholos and beyond. Samson set a standard of quality that is common today among all exhaust companies.

There is a cult following behind the Samson Exhaust’s brand. Motorcyclists from all over the world ride Samson equipped bikes, and swear by the pipes they have purchased. Samson customers are riders of passion and very loyal to the brand.

However, now Kenny would like to pass on this legacy to a new loving owner. Someone who will share his philosophy of giving customers what they deserve. A great product for a fair price and a style all their own.

Included with the company:

  • All machinery, equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.
  • All office furniture, computers, and office equipment.
  • All intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, internet, imagery, etc).
  • 45,000 square foot purpose built manufacturing facility.
  • All product designs, trade secrets, and manufacturing methods.
  • All complete and mid process inventory.
  • Misc business related items.
  • 2 years of transitional employment of the CEO and VP (optional).
  • All other misc items.

For more information:, 605.720.7676



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