Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! In fact, ya may want to grab us a few extra. We’re gonna need ’em, because I’m pissed! I try not to get political here, but I’m gettin’ on my soap box an’ I’m not givin’ up till I’ve had my say. In fact, bring that bottle of Jack Daniel’s over here too, an’ let’s get started!
We’re about to lose more of our freedoms here in California (Beijing on the Left Coast), an’ if we don’t fight for our freedom to ride as we please, we’re goin’ to lose it. Over the years since the helmet law was forced on us, I’ve gotten used to wearin’ a helmet, but I’ve never reconciled myself to the loss of my freedom of choice. In the summer, I ride in Wranglers an’ a T-shirt, which may not be the wisest choice, but it’s what I’ve done since 1962 an’ what I want to continue doin’. I have the required motorcycle insurance, medical insurance an’ life insurance, an’ if I want to forego the leathers in 115-degree heat, it should be my right. If I want to get together with my biker buddies an’ go for a ride, as long as we obey the applicable laws, that, too, should be our right, but all that may be about to change for us Californians.
A lot of you have heard by now, an’ you’re as pissed off as I am, but for those who haven’t heard, “The People’s Republic of California” is tryin’ to pass new laws that will take all the fun out of ridin’ our motorcycles. They want to outlaw lane splittin’, make us all wear those candy-ass chartreuse reflective vests at all times, an’ outlaw more than three bikes travelin’ as a group! No more friends gettin’ together for a ride, no more toy runs, no more club functions, no more Love Ride. You get the idea. My first reaction was, “They’ll never do that!” But thinkin’ back to all the other “they’ll never do thats” that they’ve already done, I know that they’ll do exactly as they please unless we raise enough hell to stop ’em!
One of these proposed bills, SB 350, written an’ introduced by Senator Jim Beall, (D) 15th District, outlaws lane splittin’ in most cases. The bill has been withdrawn pendin’ further study, but it remains in the shadows for two more years an’ will probably be revived an’ signed into law immediately after the midterm elections.
I know a lot of you don’t pay attention to politics, but that doesn’t mean politics don’t pay attention to you! I think it’s a shame when former communist countries have more freedom than we Americans do to live our lives as we see fit so long as we’re not hurtin’ anyone else, an’ we’re losin’ more freedom every day. I’m not goin’ to recommend any candidates to replace the morons that we need to put in the unemployment line, but I will ask you to do me, an’ yourself, a favor that may save our way of life. Do a little research; look back at who has written all the laws restrictin’ our freedoms. The helmet law, the seatbelt law, gun control an’ these latest efforts in their quest for ultimate control over you an’ me. It’s all right there on Google, an’ very easy to find, so see who they are an’ then vote for the other guys. Someone once said that “absolute power corrupts, absolutely,” an’ some of our elected officials have held absolute power for far too long. It’s time to send the clowns back to the circus, so do your homework before it’s too late an’ let’s send them packin’!
The bill to outlaw more than three riders in a group is likely in response to recent problems in New York an’ Australia, where the government is crackin’ down on bad-boy “bikies.” Naturally, if there’s trouble with motorcyclists anywhere on the planet, California feels duty-bound to pass laws against any possible problems that we may theoretically cause at some point in the distant future. I’m really tired of bein’ controlled from cradle to grave by people who tie their own shoes with difficulty. It’s time to stop makin’ groups like ABATE, AMA an’ others fight for our freedom, an’ start takin’ our future into our own hands. It only takes a few minutes to call or e-mail your representative, an’ the one thing they fear is a concerted effort to unseat them. For everyone outside of California, remember: As California goes, so goes the nation! You could be, an’ probably will be, next, so keep your eyes open!
There will be a ride to Sacramento on January 11 to protest these new bills before they’re voted on. There are over 850,000 motorcycles registered in California, an’ if only 10 percent show up, it will still be a show of unity that can’t be ignored. But don’t leave it to others; be a part of that 10 percent! The rally starts at high noon at the State Capitol, 1400 Tenth Street in Sacramento. If you can’t be there, at least take the time to call your “representatives” an’ make your feelings known. They consider our continued silence as support, an’ will act accordingly, so let’s tell them where to put those ugly vests in no uncertain terms!


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