Global Semi-Finalist

The Board Track spirit of the 1920s lives on in the craftsmanship of our brothers south of the border. Starting with a Softail Slim, Oscar Penata and crew designed a bike to commemorate the infamous racer Joe Petrali — an AMA Hall-of-Famer, Class A Champion Racer, Hillclimb Champion and Land Speed Record Holder.  

“Harley started with racing and it has always been part of the brand,” said Penata. “None of the other builders tried to honor Harley’s racing spirit better than we did.” 

The motorcycle has 21-inch wheels in front and rear, giving it the exact look Penata was going for. The handlebars are wrapped in leather for a period-specific look, and the double bullet headlights bring balance and harmony to the bike. The two-tone paint job was inspired by late-model Harleys and bring a very clean 21st-century demeanor. 

“We wanted to keep the heritage and see what type of product we could create with what we already had in-house,” said Penata. The bike rides well, too, according to Penata, whose team took it out to show off on the track numerous times while promoting the build around Mexico. 

“To us the bike is fresh, does not sacrifice comfort for performance, and is unparalleled in appearance,” Penata said. 

While Petrali would surely be honored by such a bike, Penata is also devoted to promoting the custom culture in Mexico by giving every build its own personality. That, and he didn’t want to build something outrageously expensive, or something that focuses on just one specific aspect of the bike. 

“What is the point of building a bike that 90 percent of my customers could never afford?” he asked. 

Harley-Davidson Querétaro has been leading Mexico’s custom motorcycle scene and has participated in prestigious shows like The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, TX. 


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