Kleen King

Bonehead Products


The girl was hot and dressed to kill, the evening crisp so she hugged you close, whispering in your ear as the bike ate up the asphalt. Yep, the date was perfect. Until the next morning, that is, when you discover melted rubber where those sexy stilettos rested against your high-dollar exhaust. Don’t dump the gal; turn to Kleen King instead. Developed by BoneHead Products (and manufactured by well-known Bon Ami), Kleen King is designed to remove boot marks, oil, road grime, bugs, tar and even melted-on litter from chrome pipes while they are hot. (The heat is part of the process.) It’s non-flammable and leaves no scratches. A 5.25-ounce tube will run you $9.99 and should get you through an entire riding season of new girlfriends.


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