on any sunday elsinore
Malcolm Smith at speed during the 250 race, which he won handily despite the scoring snafu.

We asked Thunder Press’ Readers about how On Any Sunday influenced their motorcycle lives

One of my favorites! Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen. Chuck P. 

On Any Sunday never gets old! Buddy H.

OAS…absolutely the best.  Steve B. 

I appreciate it for its impact on motorcycling…I wish something similar could happen for motorcycles today! Brad K. 

Man oh man. The movie that inspired me to really pursue my love affair with two wheels. Started with a five-horse mini bike. My favorite part of the movie was Malcolm Smith on his Husqvarna kicking it across the desert passing buggies. Will S. 

I was 15 and already a huge motorcycle enthusiast when it came out. Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen. It couldn’t have gotten any better than that for me at that time. I still am loving the motorcycle life! Skip H. 

Saw this movie in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre with all my friends. Motorcycling introduction at its finest. Thank You Bruce Brown for On Any Sunday & Endless Summer. Dave G. 

Just copied several folders of original stills from the MD race in OAS. A humbling experience. Ted Ellis

Best. Movie. Ever! Kelli P. 

On Any Sunday changed my life! Enough said. Jenna B.


  1. How many have experienced the Magic Mile at Duquion, I will say 2, you need to have program on off the grove about the new tracks back this year. I like Duquion as well as Springfield . I listen to every show an off the government ,I also have 10 friends That listen , why is the broadcast 2 weeks after the current date,why can’t you do live Thanks Scttie for all you do Ron rjackson15256@yahoo.com


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