Photos: The Buffalo Chip

The Buffalo Chip’s Amphitheater is in many ways the center of the party during the Rally, and Harley-Davidson-mounted stuntman Cole Freeman lit things up in a big way on August 12 with an impressive leap. “I’ve been doing the Chip thing for years,” says Denver, Colorado’s Alex Johnston, “and it never gets old. There’s just so much to do there, from live music to bike shows to great campouts, and the riding around the Black Hills area is really amazing.” ’Nuff said.

Rod ‘Woody’ Woodruff launched the Buffalo Chip back in the early 1980s and shows no sign of slowing down. “The Chip’s parties and concert lineups are legendary,” said Chip camper Shelly Downs, who’s been attending since 2012. “And they went out of their way to protect attendees as much as possible.”

Bike shows like the Sportster Showdown (Top), Women And Wheels Show (Middle) and Schools Out Chopper Show (Bottom) brought out some of the coolest bikes around.

With Covid-generated cabin fever gripping motorcyclists from coast to coast, letting loose and getting a bit wild was the name of the game at The Chip this year, with concerts galore (that’s Molly Hatchet below), bike shows (that’s legendary photographer Michael Lichter’s Motorcycles As Art show pictured above) and plenty of wide-open riding setting the tone. “We just love it,” say Art and Eko from Louisville, Kentucky. “It’s the highlight of our year, for sure.”

Thunder Press will be publishing stories and photos submitted by readers throughout the month of September to celebrate the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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