Readers weigh in with stories and images from the 80th Sturgis Rally

Words by Staff and Thunder Press readers

Photo: The Buffalo Chip

Well, it happened, just as we knew it would, and in a bigger and badder way than many of the naysayers and media said it would. (They know everything, don’tcha know?) Folks jumped on their bikes, loaded up their campers, visited their local BevMo and headed to the Black Hills from all points to exorcise the many Covid demons that had crapped all over their lives and brains during the last seven months. 

There has been some Covid exposure, certainly, but it happens in grocery stores and waiting rooms, too, and we’re thinking most of you would rather take the risk while riding and partying and camping and enjoying yourselves than being locked down by all-knowing, all-seeing bureaucrats.

To celebrate the 80th, and to let you, our valued readers, tell your stories in our pages, we asked a handful of readers and friends to contribute, from The Chip to downtown to the Black Hills themselves. And you did, in spades! So enjoy…

Thunder Press will be publishing stories and photos submitted by readers throughout the month of September to celebrate the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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