Just before the Good Ride began, Carey Hart and his lovable rapper sidekick Big B helped deliver a new Chief Bobber to Katie Harrington as a gift from Indian Motorcycle. Harrington served 20 years in the military, including four tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan, and currently works as an ER nurse in Rapid City, SD.

Motorcycle riders are some of the most generous people in the country, and that was proven again when more than 170 riders took part in this year’s Good Ride, a V-Twin motorcycle-based charity ride.

“Me and Big B started this here in Sturgis five years ago,” explained freestyle motocross legend, bike builder, and husband of Grammy-winning vocalist Pink, Carey Hart.

“We’ve always wanted to do something charitable. We come to these rallies, we’re here for a week, so we figured selflessly we’d give up one of our days to put together an organized ride and raise money for vets.”

Good Ride is a 501(c)(3) charity that works in cooperation with Infinite Hero, a military charity that gives back 100% of proceeds to help veterans in need.

“They’re a great organization,” Hart enthused about the Oakley-sponsored charity. “They make a dollar, they spend a dollar. They’re doing a ton of stuff with PTSD, they’re doing amazing things with brain trauma, with physical trauma. Oakley is really tied into the military, and some of the technology they’re doing on the backside with Infinite Hero is really amazing.”

So, after a $75 donation, riders saddled up at the Indian dealer in Sturgis on a mix of Harleys, Indians, a couple of Hondas, and a few trikes, traveling east on Highway 14 toward Deadwood before heading onto the twisty and beautiful Spearfish Canyon.

With temps as high as 100 degrees, participants were grateful for the extensive law-enforcement escort that encompassed local police, sheriffs, and state troopers at every intersection to keep the group rolling along the 100-mile route without stopping. It’s pretty much the only time in or around Sturgis during the daytime when you don’t have to put a foot down on a ride!

“Historically, at Sturgis, the Good Ride falls on a rainy day,” Hart half-joked as he looked up to sunny skies. He related the story of how the skies opened up toward the end of one of his first Good Rides, causing the grass parking area to turn into a giant Slip ‘N Slide.

No sign of rain on this year’s ride, which culminated back in Sturgis for a tasty buffet lunch before riders saddled up again, only to sit stationary in snarled traffic. The police escort transformed the Good Ride into a great one. More info at GoodRideRally.com.


  1. we attended sturgis 80th & 81st. had a great time again… met lots of great people..Love the black hills… looking forward to 82nd…


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