Members of the All-Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) sanctioning body voted to shut down plans for the 2013 AHDRA Championship Points Series on Friday, January 13, after news came from Rush Racing Products earlier in the week that they will no longer be continuing their sponsorship for the 2013 race season. Rush Racing Products was one of two main sponsors to the series, along with Harley-Davidson.

AHDRA was staring down a fifth consecutive season for negative cash flow after seeing a severe drop in racer and spectator attendance over the last few years,¬†according to an announcement posted on the circuit’s website by AHDRA LLC. owner Craig Tharpe. According to the announcement, Rush Racing Products and Harley-Davidson delivered the majority of sponsorship revenue to AHDRA, and last week’s news from Rush was “the final blow.”

Harley-Davidson, who was committed to remaining a major sponsor for AHDRA in 2013, will instead be focusing its intended sponsorship spending to the NHRA’s Sportsmen Class in the NHRA Screamin’ Eagle Championship Motorcycle Series.

To read the full announcement from AHDRA’s Craig Tharpe, visit


  1. I think its a shame that it comes down to money to keep such a dedicated and long running association together. My father just turned 54 years old and spent most of his life working his hands to the bone on harleys. He spent a large majority also on building and perfecting harley drag bikes. In total he has built from the frame up 3 harley davidson drag bikes including his last, a nitro harley to drag race for the AHDRA. Was very sadining to hear that AHDRA will be no more. He will surely be raceing and with Gods hand over him Winning but very unfortunatly not for AHDRA. God bless my father JEFF TAYLOR and all the other racers out there who RIDE TO LIVE & LIVE TO RIDE! And goodbye to AHDRA!

  2. It’s sad the AHDRA is shutting down. I was hoping they would bring back the top fuel Hareys to Atco and Raceway Park. We’ve got a lotta fans in NY and NJ. I seen Jim McClure,Mac Thresher,Bill Furr, Pete Hill race there in years past. We sure had a great time. Now we gotta travel hundreds of miles to see the drags it’s a shame. Good luck and thanks for the memories.

  3. All Harley Drags is Alive and Well at : Samoa Drag Strip, Eureka,Ca.

    This is the 2nd year here at Samoa… This weekend
    May 31st – June 2nd..
    Come and see them ..
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  4. I am sad to hear of the demise of the AHDRA, I only got to see those races twice, both times during Az. Bike Weeks 1999 and 2000. Living in Az. at the time, I got to enjoy almost year-round riding and getting to see a lot more of the pro-racers, drag and road course, from around the country.

  5. I have great videos of LACR 1979 of joe smith blown injected knuckle and others doing about 147 mph a lot of hard work for so very little money


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