The Indian Scout has a legendary place in American motorcycling, first introduced in 1920 and then morphing into the revered 101 Scout in 1928. After Polaris Industries purchased the Indian brand in 2011, it launched a new Scout in 2015 with a liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-Twin housed in an aluminum frame. The new Scout and its later variants provided a modern and manageable platform for fans of American motorcycles.

The last update to the Scout platform was the Rogue introduced in 2022.

Indian Motorcycles on American Rider

Today, Indian Motorcycle sent us a teaser video about a new Indian Scout set to debut on April 2. The video (seen below) doesn’t show any of the new Scouts, instead featuring a 1920s vintage Scout, harking back to the model’s heritage, so there’s not much to go on at this point. But the “all-new” syntax has us excited to learn more about it!

Be sure to tune back in on April 2 for a full rundown about what’s coming next from Indian Motorcycle!

Indian Motorcycle


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