Janesville, Wis., Feb. 10—Boardtracker Harley-Davidson answered the challenge in January from Corporate Harley-Davidson and entered the Harley-Davidson Custom Kings Sportster Motorcycle Customization Contest.

For 8 weeks our custom build crew team called the wrecking crew, has planned and executed a complete customization on a brand new 2016 Iron883. The bike was created with a theme in mind to follow the new company name of Boardtracker Harley-Davidson. They call this customized Sportster “Motordrome” from board track motorcycle racing. The board track or Motordrome was designed back in the early 1900’s to provide a racing venue made of rough cut lumber. The motorcycles were created to maintain speeds around 100 MPH without a braking system during the onset of the desire for speed. The Harley-Davidson wrecking crew from 1924 was often photographed holding the team’s mascot “a pig.” It is believed this was where Harley’s nickname Hog originated.


The wrecking crew consists of Dan Duffy, Andy Wilson, Aaron Harp and Vann Austin. “This bike is like nothing you have ever seen or ever will again. It’s totally rad,” said Duffy.

At the end of February each Custom King will be judged by the Harley-Davidson styling team. The top 8 entries in each market will be selected based on style, creativity and originality to name a few. The top 64 bikes selected will move on to compete in the Custom King Consumer Voting and consumers will be invited to help choose the Custom King Champion by voting online during each round. The bikes with the most votes will move on to the next round of the 6 competitions with the final winners announced in April. Then September 2–4th the winners will be placed at the Harley-Davidson Museum with the build team “Wrecking Crew” for historic recognition.


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