Wilkins Harley-Davidson in South Barre, Vermont. Photo from the dealership’s Facebook page.

Seeking to spread the love of all thing motorcycling — and HD-riding in particular — a dealership in Vermont has pledged to give away motorcycles to select people in their area who can’t afford them.

Where do we sign up?!

According to a story on the SevenDaysVT website, Wilkins Harley-Davidson in South Barre, Vermont, has pledged to give away one motorcycle to somebody who can’t afford one for every 50 they sell in 2021.

And considering they typically sell about 300 new bikes per year, that would add up to about six lucky “winners” in their area — which includes parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and northern New York.

The dealership is even encouraging potential new-to-sport riders to apply in their program — saying they will even enroll the winner in the Wilkins Riding Academy training.

The 74-year-old dealership has a long history of being a part of its community and taking care of customers — and winning Harley-Davidson service awards along the way. Images on their social media show their involvement — and the fact that the riding season has begun in earnest for many of their customers!

In the article, customer experience manager Mark Frano explained, “This is a really personal thing for us, because it’s what we do; it’s what we love. Hopefully it does what we’re hoping for, which is to give people a chance to get away from it all.” 


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