Austin, Texas, Jan. 2—The Motorcycle Build Mentorship Program, a program of Motorcycle Missions, is aimed at getting our warriors with PTSD connected with the motorcycle community, working with their hands, and subsequently renewing their sense of passion and purpose for life.

Actively participating in a motorcycle build, and then seeing the completed motorcycle roll up onto a display at a motorcycle show, is an amazing experience and a reward unto itself. Participants meet once a week until the completion, and they have the opportunity to ride and show off the bike for at least six months before it is sold or raffled off to raise money for future projects. Our goal is to build two to four custom motorcycles per year.

We are proud to be partnering with Voodoo Vintage in Austin, Texas for these builds, where the participants have access to tools, lifts, welding equipment, and hands-on instruction from start to finish. Please visit Voodoo Vintage at to learn more about the facility.

Spots are limited, so apply here soon!

To find out more about Motorcycle Missions, click here.

—Press release

(Photos by Garrett Stanley, Dalton Campbell Photography, and Christopher Moos)


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