IMS offers new riders a comprehensive introduction to motorcycling, breaking down the industry’s high barriers-to-entry through an online platform

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SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (JAN. 31)—The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows (IMS), the industry leader for connecting powersports’ top brands with enthusiasts and buyers, today announced, an online platform within Discover The Ride dedicated to educating a new generation of riders. Discover The Ride, a forward-thinking initiative that serves the entire motorsports industry and new to IMS this year, is designed to introduce riding to those interested in motorcycling. The initiative is comprised of five interactive activities including, the New Rider Course in partnership with Zero Motorcycles and Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles, the Kid’s Zone presented by Allstate, XDL Wheelie Experience, Dyno Experience and New To 2.

As a new series of online videos now available to consumers, includes live presentations at IMS, educating new riders on the world of motorcycling. The videos and live presentations at the show are hosted by Monique Filips and Jordan Diggs, experienced motorcyclists, as well as surprise guests in certain markets, guiding riders through the different types of motorcycles to choose from, the gear needed, how to get started and tons of advice for the journey into motorcycling.

“It is amazing to introduce individuals to motorcycling who are interested in riding but don’t have any experience due to the barriers to entry for new riders,” said Tracy Harris, Senior Vice President, Powersports, UBM. “Discover The Ride provides the proper gear, coupled with the proper training in a closed, safe course, and is proving to be a gateway for non-riders to get on two wheels and say, ‘This is fun, I can do this!’ Not only can attendees hop on a motorcycle and ride at the show, New To 2 offers access to continued education to interact with at their convenience.”

Discover The Ride’s Overwhelming Success

New To 2 live presentations enable crowds of new and non-riders a forum to ask questions and receive answers about motorcycling. In addition to the New To 2 online educational content, the Kid’s Zone presented by Allstate introduced more than 864 kids to Stacyc’s electric balance bikes on a closed course track. Furthermore, countless experience the power and ability to shift through the gears at the Dyno Experience with Ducati, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha. New and experienced riders got a balance check busting a wheelie at the XDL Wheelie Experience.  

After four shows, thousands of non-riders and experienced riders—from toddlers to adults—enjoyed the five interactive riding zones. Twenty-six percent of those were non-riders and 762 of those non-riders completed the New Rider Course. Participants started on Yamaha Power Assist bicycles then graduated to Zero Motorcycles, customized for a new rider, with the guidance of Total Control trainers.

Key Highlights From Discover The Ride

  • Across the four stops on the IMS tour thus far (Long Beach, New York, Dallas and Cleveland), 3,428 consumers have participated in Discover The Ride, 26 percent of which were non-riders.
  • Eighty-one percent of non-riders are planning to start motorcycling, with 448 consumers planning to learn within a year.
  • Of non-rider participants, 50 percent have been women, reinforcing the growing interest the industry and IMS alike have seen from the female demographic over the years.
  • The interactive nature of Discover The Ride is attractive to the younger generation; 62 percent of non-riders participating are under 35.

The next stop on the IMS tour is Minneapolis, followed by Washington D.C., and ending in Chicago.


—Press release


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