What was once known as Renegade in Central Louisiana now bears the new name of Taboo Harley-Davidson. Brothers and new owners, Stratton and Marc Murphy, spent Saturday, July 29, with the motorcycling community bringing fresh new meaning to the dealership.

Prior to the official reveal, patrons heard from multiple Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members and city officials with the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce, who explained their excitement for the promises of change. The decision to start anew comes after a long history and further development of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company vision for paving the next generation’s way to two wheels.

Sparks literally flew during the ribbon-cutting, where General Manager John Roberts ceremoniously beckoned a new beginning by shredding the red ribbon with a chainsaw in true Harley fashion. Both owners and management made clear their dedication was to the community, motorcyclists, and their passion to ride. And while the weekend was filled with entertainment by sideshow performers, stunt riders, and more, the Taboo Harley-Davidson team plans to uphold the belief of freedom and making lifelong friends in the future ahead.

The new mission statement reads as follows:

“Offer quality products and services which ignite, fuel, accelerate, and fulfill the dreams of personal freedom through membership in our legendary motorcycling community. Apply our success toward the betterment of our team members and their families, our neighbors, and community, while continuing to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.”

For more information on the newly-named Taboo Harley-Davidson, visit www.tabooharley.com.


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