Star brite, manufacturer of Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment and a full line of bike appearance products, is proud to support the efforts of professional long-distance rider John “Paco” Wener as he competes in the 2016 America’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider Challenge (AULDRC).1

Wener will take his 2015 Indian Chieftain on an epic “Coast to Coast to Coast” ride. Departing from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Paco will ride to “Dog Beach” in San Diego, California and then head back to the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Paco’s route planning calls for him to complete the western and the return eastern leg of the ride within 50 hours (four days and four hours overall).

With 74,000 tracked miles logged to date for 2016, Paco is currently the number one Distance Rider in the U.S.; his closest competitor is not far behind, with approximately 69,000 miles logged. Paco’s plan is to use the miles ridden from Florida to California and back to lock up his victory.

Earlier this year, competing in his first Hoka Hey Challenge, Wener shared a third-place finish out of field in excess of 80 riders. His Coast to Coast to Coast attempt gets underway just after midnight on December 25. Wener expects to return to the beach in Fort Lauderdale just after midnight on December 29.

This year’s AULDRC is expected to be sanctioned by the Ironbutt Association; Paco’s progress can be followed via the Rever app and on his “Paco Perrosuave” Facebook page.

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