The Saddlemen-sponsored bagger racers are as trick as they get, and the legendary seat company competes with two platforms: a Harley-Davidson Road Glide and an Indian Challenger, both attired in Saddlemen’s distinctive racing paint scheme.

And that’s the preamble to fessing up to misidentifying the Saddlemen Indian Challenger on page 36 of our September issue as a Road Glide. We care deeply about getting accurate information to our readers, so it’s important to call out the rare times we make an error. Apologies to Saddlemen and Indian Motorcycle.

Proper caption: King Of The Baggers racer Patricia Fernandez poses next to her Saddlemen-sponsored Indian Challenger at the Buffalo Chip. Photo by Olivier Touron.

It’s unlikely we’ll make the same mistake twice, as Saddlemen tells us its Challenger will be using a new paint scheme at the December round of the Bagger Racing League in Sonoma, California. Best wishes for a successful race!

Saddlemen’s Indian Challenger in the foreground at the recent Born Free show, with the Saddlemen Road Glide in the background.


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