These Kevlar Riding Jeans are the ideal attire for the fall—and that’s a double entendre. The first entendre is the fall to the pavement after misfortune has struck and then the inevitable sliding about that ensues. Short of chain mail, no material is as effective as Kevlar in taking that kind of abuse in stride, refusing to tear or wear through or heat up with the friction of the slide. Lightweight and as flexible as fabric, it’s virtually unnoticeable in use until called upon to keep your dermis off the tarmac.

Ghost Rider Customs Kevlar Riding Jeans
Ghost Rider Customs Kevlar Riding Jeans

The second entendre concerns the cooler riding conditions prevailing in the fall season, and the way the 200-weight Kevlar lining is sewn into the jeans. Rather than patched in at strategic points—the knees, hips and buttocks—these jeans are entirely Kevlar lined from belt to cuff, and that has advantages both from an all-over protection standpoint and from an all-important fashion standpoint—there is no patchwork stitchery showing, so the jeans look sleek and stylish. They’re low-cut like Levis and constructed of attractive pre-washed denim with a subtle cross-hatched weave.

The Kevlar fabric is exceedingly soft with a flannel-like feel, and has some wind-stopping properties that make the garment all the leg covering you need for riding comfortably in the autumnal chill—without the bulk of actual flannel lining. Even so, if you’re looking for more warmth and more protection, these jeans are slim enough to wear under chaps without looking like sausage links.

A pair of CE soft armor pads are provided, as well, and inserted into presewn internal pockets at the hips for added cushion should you take a spill on the old ilium. With the pads removed, the internal pockets offer a secure place to stash stuff you don’t want slipping out of pocket and bouncing down the highway (Harley’s Smart Security fob comes to mind.) The price of $109.99 is a bargain for this breed of protective pants, and they’ve become an instant favorite of mine now that winter’s arrived.

Ghost Rider Customs
Kevlar Riding Jeans
Pre-washed blue or black denim $109.99 (+ $18 for shipping)


  1. This is highly informatics, crisp and clear. I think that everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things.

  2. It is a BIG + that they look like Levi’s… & I will say with my experience in covert ops this will protect against fire, cuts and abrasions… so here it is; if you want something that is as form fitting as Levi’s – this is not it… however – almost>Levi’s tight – but not quite. I love them!


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