The World’s Fastest Knife


I’m a biker, ex-cop, Boy Scout leader and somewhat of a rancher. At any given time over the years I’ve used my knife to cut rope, string, fishing line, leather, paper, bailing wire, hoses, tape, seat belts, and electrical wire. It also sees duty as a pry bar, bottle opener, can opener, small hammer, fork, and fingernail cleaner. If I need something to cut, pound, scrape or poke with, my knife is what I’ll reach for first. Once the blade is broken (which happens more often than I like it to) I toss it and get another one, assuming I haven’t lost it in the wash somewhere.

Earlier this year I was checking out the vendors at a run and ran across Greg Gillespie saying, “This is my hand, this is my knife. Stick ’em in the eye if they touch my wife.” This caught my attention so I stopped.

Greg, an engraver, invented a belt buckle knife a few years ago that seemed pretty handy. The knife is held in the buckle part by a superstrong magnet and is guaranteed to never come out unless you take it out. To get the knife out you simply push the top of it out, take it out of the holder, flip the blade open with your thumb and there it is. This entire one-handed operation takes less time than you can say, “Wanna see my knife?” Even with your hands full, sitting down or crawling under a car, this knife is easily and quickly reached.

These knives are handmade by Greg right here in the good old U.S.A., as are all the parts. Sold with a money-back guarantee, if you are dissatisfied with the knife in any way, send it back and Greg will refund your money. If anything at all goes wrong with the knife, he will repair or replace it free. He guarantees the knife “until the world stops spinning.” If you catch him at a show he will repair or replace it there, otherwise you can mail it in. If he has made any upgrades to the knife since you bought it he will upgrade it free.

I’ve seen Greg at two different events now. I have talked with other people who have bought his knives, even years ago, and they are still happy with them, claiming the knives are the best they have ever owned.

Only California and Nevada have laws against belt knives and Greg’s knife meets the requirements of both states, making it 50-state legal. The buckle is interchangeable and can be worn on your regular belt or the belt on your chaps, making it completely accessible no matter what pants you have on.

My favorite feature is that Greg offers a variety of off-the-shelf designs from plain to patriotic, biker, fishing, and animal themes, featuring laser-cut stainless steel appliqués. He can also hand engrave the plain models with any design you want or make up identical ones with a company or club logo. Presentation and event designs can be done as well. I had “Rambler” and “Thunder Press” amid lots of flames engraved on mine, which made it a truly one-off custom knife and work of art. Plain replacement knives are only $25 in case you should lose yours.

Since I’ve had mine I have used it for nearly everything except surgery and it has held up well. It’s made from high quality stainless steel and although it’s not quite as sharp as it was when I bought it, it has still held an edge better than any knife I’ve ever owned. The front portion of the blade has a normal edge and the back portion is serrated, making it very versatile. Don’t throw away your machete but I can honestly say that as a pocket-sized knife, it has lived up to all of its claims so far, although I haven’t used it in a bar fight yet.

Surprisingly the knife retails at Greg’s booth for only $65 for the plain model. Try buying any American-made knives of this quality for that. Engraved models can fetch $85–$185, depending on complexity of design. The knife is also available online at slightly higher prices. There is a video on the website showing how slick the knife works in the hands of its creator. Greg can be found at many events, including Sturgis and Reno.

Given my track record with knives the World’s Fastest Knife may not be the last one I ever own, but it certainly has been one of the best, not to mention the single most convenient one.


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