Riders with short legs will appreciate the Mustang Lowdown Touring Saddle. It is ideal for Harley-Davidson FL riders with 30-inch or shorter inseams, positioning them approximately 1 inch lower and 1 inch forward relative to the stock seat. In many instances, this is enough to allow vertically challenged riders to flat-foot the motorcycle and avoid having to swap out the handlebars to reach the controls.  

At 5 feet 8 inches with a 30-inch inseam, I’ve always found my 2008 Road King Classic fairly comfortable. But after cruising around Texas Hill Country on the Mustang for nearly a year, the Lowdown seat has transformed the ergonomics of my bike from merely good to excellent.  

The pilot’s section of the one-piece Lowdown saddle is about 16.5 inches wide, while the passenger gets 14 inches of supportive width. The Lowdown includes a backrest that installs quickly by fitting its chrome post into the seat’s integrated slot where detents hold it in place. The backrest can be adjusted fore and aft with a knurled adjustment screw, as well as angled by hand for precise fitment to a rider’s preference. For passenger security, I fitted my King with a matching sissy bar pad that measures 14 inches wide and 9 inches high.   

Mustang Lowdown Seat
The Mustang Lowdown seat provides a shorter reach to the ground and all-day comfort.

Installation is basic and can be accomplished with minimal skill and tools. First, remove the fender screw from the rear of the seat with a screwdriver and pull the seat up and back so that the integrated front bracket disengages from the frame.  

Installation of the Mustang seat is the same procedure in reverse using the same stock rear fender screw. Or take the opportunity to replace that homely screw with a shiny new chrome or black one. Pushing down a little on the front of the seat during installation compresses the vibration-damping rubber isolators to help it snick into position. 

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Once in place, the Lowdown complemented my King’s lines perfectly. Its cushy seating areas are constructed of a textured marine-grade vinyl riveted directly to the sturdy seat pan. The Mustang logo is embossed into the front tip of the seat, and black pearl studs line the seat and back-pad perimeters for added pizzazz. Mustang also offers this setup with no studs or with chrome studs. Construction, stitching, and overall fit and finish are outstanding. 

Mustang Lowdown Seat
The Mustang Lowdown seat provides the trifecta of comfort, function, and attractive looks.

Out on the road, this seat transformed my riding experience by positioning me in a more commanding posture. Now, with my feet planted firmly on the ground at stops and the hand controls within easy reach, piloting my King has never been more enjoyable. The seat is all-day comfortable, stylish, and supportive in all conditions. 

The U.S.-made Mustang Lowdown Touring Saddle fits multiple Harley FL models, including Road Kings, Street Glides, Electra Glides, Road Glides, and select trike models. It retails for $1,000 including the backrest assembly. The passenger sissy bar retails for $210.  

For more information, visit the Mustang Seats website.  


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