Condor Motorcycle Support & Transport Solutions

Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop (PS-1500)

$235 plus shipping and handling
Trailer Adaptor Kit (TK-3000)
$22 plus shipping and handling

Remember the last time you tried to load a bike on a trailer by yourself? Or the last time you wanted to adjust your handlebars, or tweak your highway pegs with your bike on its side stand? Condor Motorcycle Support Solutions has just the helping hand you need when you are faced with situations where it is more efficient to have your bike held upright, but you happen to be by yourself at the time.

You have probably asked yourself, “What is a motorcycle support and transport solution?” No? Me neither, until I was at Destination Daytona for Bike Week. I saw Condor Pit-Stop/ Trailer-Stops being used by a variety of vendors to hold their display bikes in an upright position. I then observed the Condor demonstration where they would roll a motorcycle into the Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop, rock the bike from side to side, and it would be held firmly in place. My wife said, “You need one of those!” I thought for a moment, “Yes I do.”

We had just trailered (yeah, I know, but I had a valid excuse) my Harley Road Glide from Kansas City to Daytona for Bike Week. The Road Glide is an 800-pound gorilla, and I am a 150-pound weakling. My wife is a passenger and not a rider, so I need assistance in holding the Road Glide in position while it is tied down to the trailer. That’s where the Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop comes in. Simply roll the front tire of the Road Glide into the Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop on the trailer and it securely holds the bike in place while you attach the tiedowns.

The Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is one of those products you don’t know you need until you see it. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on the ground or on a trailer. It is a fully adjustable wheel locking system capable of accommodating front wheel sizes from 14–22 inches, and rear wheel sizes from 80 cm to 230 cm wide. (Which begs the question: “Why are wheel diameters in inches and tire widths are in centimeters?”) They claim the Condor accommodates bikes up to 3,000 pounds. (Which begs the next question: “A 3,000-pound motorcycle?”)

When the 20-pound Pit-Stop/ Trailer-Stop is shipped to you, it is basically in two pieces. Assembly is a straightforward three-step process. The only tool you need is a 3/16-inch Allen wrench and they supply that for you. If you happen to be a notch above the basic caveman intelligence level and check out the Supplemental Cradle Setting Recommendations sheet enclosed, it should not be a problem; they chart the Cradle Setting Guidelines for your particular wheel size. The Trailer Adaptor Kit is pretty straightforward as well. Two socket shoulder screws are attached to the bottom of the Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop to serve as attachment points to the trailer bracket.

Condor claims, “You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the Condor Trailer-Stop cradle.” I’m also amazed at how many different uses I am finding for my Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop, in addition to holding a bike in place on a trailer. You can check fluid levels with the bike upright, I installed heel stirrups on my Wide Glide, and highway pegs on my Road Glide, secured my Honda while lubing the chain, and if I was into bike detailing, I would use the Condor for holding the bike upright for that task as well. It’s also amazing how many Condor it-Stop/Trailer-Stops I’ve been seeing in use at bike events in Florida, Missouri, and Texas, where a variety of vendors are making use of them.

You can get a Condor Pit-Stop/ Trailer-Stop of your very own, directly through Condor via their website,, or via 800.461.1344, their toll-free phone number. Condor products are also available through various mail order catalog companies. If you happen to find the Condor display at one of the major bike rallies, you could potentially purchase your Pit-Stop/ Trailer-Stop at a discounted rally price.

After getting used to having a Pit-Stop/ Trailer-Stop around to use, the next thing you know, I will be lusting after a Condor Towing Cycle Loader.


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