I’m looking for riding pants that won’t shred like denim, are cooler than Kevlar, more flexible than ballistic nylon and don’t weigh me down like leather. I might have found them, because if they’re good enough for a logger who shinnies up trees, they just might work for me.

Duluth’s Fire Hose Logger’s Pants are made of the same rugged 11.5 oz. cotton canvas that was once used to wrap fire hose. The 2×2 weave is extremely flexible and a new pair of pants feels broken in the first time they are worn.

These pants are double-chapped—that’s two layers—from waist to lower shin. The primary seams are triple-stitched and the pockets are riveted; the zipper and pull are brass and the waist button is metal. They have a crotch gusset—essential when climbing trees or straddling a saddle—and a protective finish that resists water and stains, which is handy for those who do their own wrenching—especially by the side of the road.

These aren’t wimpy-assed designer jeans. The front pockets are an exceptional 12″ deep, the two hip pockets are an inch wider than on standard jeans, the right side has a hammer loop and two carpenter’s pockets, and the left side a cell-phone-sized pocket at mid-thigh, which I don’t recommend actually using for your phone while riding. The waist is reinforced and the cuffs have been turned, taped and thrice stitched.

While this canvas material is tougher than denim, and the chaps offer more protection than a single layer, they do not offer the same degree of abrasion resistance as Kevlar-lined jeans or leather. Having stated such, Fire Hose Logger’s Pants are rugged, comfortable and affordable. Besides being great for summer riding, I also wear them when doing construction work and brush cutting. They’re old school, but real cool.

Fire hose Logger’s Pants
Cat. #20209
Colors: black, camel and coffee
Sizes: waist 32-48″, inseams 30, 32 and 34″


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