Big Al’s McCuff


How many times have ya tried to squeeze that last few drops of dead dinosaur inta yer gas tank an’ only succeeded in dribblin’ it down yer paint job like slobber from a droolin’ dog? Yeah, I thought so. I’ve tried pullin’ the little rubber boot on the nozzle back, but then it won’t shut off by itself, an’ before ya know it, gas is sprayin’ all over like a shook-up beer. Not only is that bad fer yer wax job, but every drop ya spill is just more money in the OPEC boys’ pockets. Plus, if yer like me, ya just hate buyin’ another rattle-can of Rustoleum ta do a repaint on yer scoot every time ya fill up!

The other day, I ran across a handy little gadget that’s helped me solve the problem of gettin’ my tank full while keepin’ gas off my paint. It’s called Big Al’s McCuff. Ya just slip it on the nozzle before ya stick the nozzle in yer tank, an’ it lets ya fill up right ta the brim without spillin’ a drop. If you’ve got a hot rod, a boat, or most anything that takes gasoline, the McCuff will work on it, too. It even comes with its own carryin’ case. Their website has a press release an’ a video showin’ ya the McCuff in action.

I took the McCuff ta the gas station, followed the instructions, an’ it worked just like it’s supposed to. (It’ll save me a bundle on rattle-cans an’ maskin’ tape!)


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