One of the first accessories I searched for after I bought my Switchback was a helmet lock. I have H-D helmet locks affixed to the downtubes of both my narrow-glide bikes, but I couldn’t find any helmet locks that would fit the much-larger circumference of the FLD’s downtubes. Nor did I want any extra doodads permanently attached to my handlebars, which was the only other choice for that product.


While attending the International Motorcycle Show in New York City, I saw a new product, the Helmetlok, on display. It’s a carabiner-type fastener that measures about 3.5″ at its longest and around 2″ at its widest. The product features an outward-opening three-digit combination lock, and is small enough to fit into your pocket or attach to your jeans’ belt loop when not in use. It fits easily around my handlebars, and I’ve attached it to various other places on the bike, such as the shift linkage rod, which allows me to set my helmet on the floorboard after it’s locked up. The Helmetlok has a zinc alloy finish and is available in several colors. I chose the black rubberized style so it wouldn’t scratch any chrome or paint on my bike.


A spiral cable is also available to use in conjunction with the Helmetlok. I have found this component indispensable for the times when I don’t want to drag my jacket along with me. I just slide one end through the jacket sleeve and hook the loops at both ends onto the Helmetlok before I attach it to the bike. I can also slip the cable through my helmet’s D-rings and attach the jacket and helmet together. The cable is made from 3mm thick nickel-plated steel, is 4.5″ long coiled and 6′ uncoiled, and has a load capacity of about 220 lb.



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