My father would always admonish me if I used a pair of pliers instead of a wrench on a nut or bolt. He had a valid point, but sometimes a pair of pliers actually makes more sense. A case in point is the limited space available for a tool kit on your scoot (unless you have hard bags). A good pair of pliers can be worth a complete set of wrenches, a crimper, mini-vise and tweezers all rolled into one. The 7-inch-long Auto-Adjust Pliers is such a tool.

The narrow 1/4-inch profile of the deeply serrated jaws of these crescent pliers allows it to reach into tight places. Adjustment of the width from 0 to 1 3/8 inches can be easily accomplished with one hand, but it’s the addition of a small piston spring between the handles that sets them apart from their competitors. The piston automatically opens the jaws a small amount when you release hand pressure. This allow the pliers to be repositioned—as when turning a stubborn nut or bolt—without the ratchet for the jaws releasing, which is a major problem with conventional adjustable pliers. I especially like the smooth crescent indent behind the jaws, which is useful for gripping the shaft of a screwdriver without marring it, or carefully repositioning a brake line.

Made of chromium-vanadium steel, they’ll withstand more pounds of torque than your grip can sustain, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Cat #3639, $27


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