Innovative Storage Solutions LLC
Sizes S–XL ($39.95-$45.95)

Since someone first strapped an engine to two wheels, the safety nannies have bawled about the dangers of motorcycling. Yet bikers embraced the risks, acknowledging that the thrill outweighs the peril. But it seems the world is becoming increasingly hostile and, as good ol’ terra firma lists a little more to the crazy side, many riders are feeling the need to literally take up arms to insure an extra dose of safety while away from home. Enter Phillip Jones and Innovative Storage Solutions.

I ran into Jones at the Speedway during Daytona Bike Week earlier this year where he introduced me to his latest development, the Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit. Designed to mount to the inner wall of fiberglass saddlebags on late-model Harleys, the kit consists of three major components. A rigid backing plate is constructed of a composite material sewn to belly leather with a leather attachment loop. This panel has an oversized hole at the top that slides over the rubber grommet at the saddlebag’s Dzus quarter-turn fastener and acts as the docking station. A large-diameter flat washer is included in the kit that replaces the OEM Dzus flat washer and, along with the fastener, secures the backing panel to the inner wall. The actual holster features a locking spring clip on the back that slides into the docking station’s attachment loop—all very simple with installation completed in just a few minutes. A small strip of self-adhesive Velcro is provided to secure the lower edge of the docking station panel to the saddlebag wall.


The holster is a high-quality supple leather with all the necessary protective padding required to keep your weapon free from marks or scratches. Also supplied is a self-adhesive cushion pad that sticks to the front leading wall of the saddlebag to protect the gun’s hammer. The holster is a very snug fit (as it should be) and the company recommends placing the gun into the holster for an initial 48 hours to allow the leather to stretch and conform to your particular model of firearm. Once installed, the locking spring clip firmly keeps the holster in place on the docking panel when withdrawing the pistol. The holster can also be removed and worn in the waistband for those with a concealed weapon permit.


The Holster Kit comes in four sizes to fit various frames. I selected the large to fit my Smith & Wesson .38 caliber hammerless Airweight. (That size is most common since it also accommodates 9mm autos.) Pricing ranges from $39.95 for the small model to $45.95 for the extra-large (.40 and .45 caliber). It also comes in both left- and right-hand versions. Jones recommended the left-hand model since that is normally the side of the bike from which you dismount, allowing for immediate access without having to move to the other side of the bike. For you auto nuts that desire additional firepower, an optional Saddlebag Magazine Holder that carries two clips is also available (it mounts to the remaining saddlebag Dzus twist pin). Remember to always check local laws when carrying a gun either on your person or your motorcycle.



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