Stealth Flame Modular Helmet


MSRP $275

I’ve never been a huge fan of helmets, comparing them to the wearing of a life preserver while boating—safer yes, but sure seems to hamper the fun. But after over 20 years of owning the same helmet (a barely legal beanie), I started paying attention to those in the know (the Snell Foundation) who state that a helmet really should be replaced every five years. Since I had quadrupled the standard life expectancy of my old brain bucket, I decided to check out just how far technology had advanced in the last two decades. I also decided to go from minimal to maximal coverage.

So I did my research and settled on Harley’s Stealth Flame Modular Helmet. With the H-D name behind it I knew I could rest assured that it would be a top-notch product. And the low MSRP of only $275 was an unexpected bonus not typically associated with the Bar & Shield. While there are less expensive modular helmets on the market, few are this advanced. When I first took the Stealth for a spin, I knew how the cave man who first discovered fire must have felt. This product is truly light years ahead of any helmet I’ve ever owned.

The polycarbonate shell keeps the weight down to a mere 3 pounds 9 ounces. Cast aluminum hardware is integrated into the chin bar that rotates both back and down as you lift the face guard. This action keeps the bar at a low profile when raised and results in a reduced amount of wind buffer and lift when riding with the bar up. The chin bar is raised by accessing a single, internal push-button. The face shield is indexed for six different positions and is removable. Vents on the chin bar are adjustable while a pop-up intake port on the top of the helmet allows for maximum airflow. Special grooves are designed in the shell to channel air toward the port. A removable Nylex liner wicks away moisture for added comfort over the long haul. The Stealth uses double D-rings to secure the strap with a snap included to tie down the end and keep it from slapping the crap out of you at highway speeds.

Despite initial concerns over claustrophobia, the Stealth Modular has proven to be a most admirable companion over the last few months, providing protection through the fall and a respite from nasty weather throughout the winter. The wide-angle design of the face shield allows for great peripheral vision. At no time has it become uncomfortable—the venting system handles excess heat buildup admirably. It also eliminates vapor buildup on the inside of the face shield. The sloping design of the shield allows for rain droplets to be whisked away while riding, providing better visibility than a set of goggles, especially during substantial rainfall periods. The easy lift shield and chin bar make conversations with a passenger or riding partner simple while the ample padding makes for a comfortable fit. And the earlier mentioned claustrophobia was short lived.

The Stealth Modular is a unisex product, meeting all DOT requirements and available in sizes from XS to XXL. It only comes in black with metalflake silver/grey ghost flame graphics as standard. A helmet bag is included in the cost of the helmet. Comfort, security and class—all in one product.


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