I was given a pair of the TCX new lace-up men’s X-Street full-grain leather riding sneakers to try out, even though they do have a line just for women that come with pink piping. Not being a pink kinda girl, I thought the distressed-black, high-topped style suited me best.

TCX is the company that makes those really cool motocross boots we’re all so familiar with. You know; the ones that racers wear out on the course, so the company’s leap into the world of sneakers comes with full knowledge of their product’s abilities since they’ve spent a number of years studying what works best in the world of motorcycle footwear.

These versatile shoes with the cool vintage look have several features that make them comfortable right from the jump. I found them great for walking in since the wear-resistant rubber soles are easy on the dawgs, but as for riding, I took issue with the slick soles and ended up dragging my feet as I rode in an effort to scuff up the bottoms for a bit of traction, which seemed to take care of the problem.

When it comes to shifting, the thick leather made for comfortable contact. They have a built-in armor over the ankles, which, when snugging the laces up tight, makes for solid ankle support, and they come with an antimicrobial moisture-wicking liner. Both heel and toe are reinforced and waterproof.

TCX X-Street Shoes
TCX X-Street Shoes

Included with the sneaks is an elastic-backed shift pad that you simply slip over the toe of your shifter foot to prevent scuffing up your sexy sneaks. This was promptly lost. The wear marks after months of shifting remain unnoticed, however, since these shoes tolerate abuse well.

TCX X-Street


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