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P/N 1314—$289.95

My 2012 FLD Switchback is the heaviest bike I’ve ever owned, and I have to admit—I’ve dropped it more than once, resulting in some fairly deep gouges through the paint on the hard bags. It is said that insanity is described as doing the same thing but expecting different results, so rather than waiting for a third mishap, I decided to take preventive measures.

I have the Lindby Multibar installed on my 2000 FXD and have been very happy with it. Not only does the Multibar protect that bike from damage, but it provides me with another riding position, allowing me to comfortably stretch out my legs and rest my feet on the rubber foot rests. So why mess with success?

Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback
Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback

After I placed my order, the package arrived quickly with all necessary hardware included: hex bolts, nylon lock nuts, flat washers and brackets. The installation instructions were straightforward and easy, beginning with loosening the bolts that secure both floorboard brackets. I installed the spacers on each side as instructed, installed each bracket and tightened the bolts for the floorboard brackets.

Next I installed the top mount of the bar to the mounting hole at the bottom of the down tubes below the lower triple tree and installed the lower mounts of the bar to the front brackets installed on the floorboard brackets and tightened the bolts. The entire process took no more than 15 minutes.

The triple chrome-plated 1-1/4” bars look great on my bike. The rubber footpads, affixed with 3M double sticky tape to the top right and left sides of the bar, allow me to stretch my legs out comfortably. I also got an opportunity to test the bars on my way to Daytona this past March. It had just snowed the day before and not all roads were completely clear. I missed a turnoff and had to make a U-turn on a side road. However, I didn’t see the slush and ice on the edge of the road and the bike slid out from under me. My speed was very low and I experienced no injuries, but better yet, the Multibar prevented my hard bag, and every other part of my bike, from being damaged. Plus, the bike was a lot easier to pick up since it wasn’t lying flat on the ground. Although I wasn’t happy about the mishap, I was thrilled that the Multibar saved me from an expensive repair and paint job.

Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback
Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback

The rubber footpads are replaceable (P/N 411—$19.95) and optional clamp-on foot pegs (P/N 810, 815 or 820—$189.95) can also be installed. Lindby Custom Inc. offers a 12-month warranty on the chrome and a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects under normal usage. Since I’ve used my first Multibar on my FXD for five years and it looks—and functions—the same as the day it was installed, I expect no less from the Multibar for my FLD. 4


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