FUELL, the new urban mobility brand that brings back the pleasure of city riding

NEW YORK, NY, MAR. 4—We are very proud and excited to reveal to you our new Urban Electric Mobility Brand: FUELL (formerly known as “VanguardSpark”), and its first products, Fluid and Flow.

FUELL is all about creating freedom and emotion through innovation.

Erik Buell, founder of Buell Motorcycles and legendary engineer, Frédéric Vasseur, Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team principal and founder of Spark Racing Technology (which builds the Formula E racers), and Francois-Xavier Terny, a transatlantic entrepreneur fond of industrial endeavors, have rallied together to create a genuinely new experience entirely focused on the urban rider.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Fluid and Flow!

Fluid is a robust and elegant electric bike, with exceptional range (up to 125 miles thanks to its two removable batteries with a total of 1,000Wh) and generous torque (100Nm). Fluid is virtually maintenance-free with its carbon belt and internal hub gears.

Flow is an electric urban motorcycle combining practical aspects for the urban journey (integrated 50-liter internal storage) and technological innovations (proprietary wheel-motor, connected dashboard). Flow delivers an unparalleled ride thanks to exceptional acceleration and a low center of gravity.

The Flow and Fluid prototypes will be in New York City before end of March for four to five weeks to be presented to investors, journalists and influencers. No test ride yet, but you can see them by appointment only. Please contact us at fuell@fuell.us should you be interested in taking a peak at these machines and experiencing first hand the urban revolution!

Please visit our introductory website—today we’re unveiling our brand, vision and first images, and will be sharing more information over the next weeks, until our full reveal on April 23.


—Press release


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