Superior Sound for Milwaukee-Eight Tourers 

Terry Vance and Byron Hines, perhaps motorcycling’s most legendary performance duo, just recorded their 40th year in business – and to help celebrate this amazing achievement they’ve just released a product sure to make owners of Milwaukee 8-powered Harley-Davidson tourers smile, smile, smile. 

That product is the new Torquer 450 slip-ons, which are said to offer better sound and more power and torque than the stock units. They also work perfectly with the stock headers, which many riders choose to keep on their bikes. 

“On my annual trip to Sturgis,” said Vance, “riders told me they couldn’t find slip-ons that delivered great sound. So we needed to reinvent the 4.5-inch category.” 

“I challenged our engineering team to invent new baffles to do it,” continued Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy. “Now we offer the best-sounding M8 slip-ons in the market, and we can build them at Vance & Hines for a great price. That’s pretty cool.” 

What’s even cooler, aside from the fact that the new Torquer 450s are 50-state compliant, is the way they look. Style is key to every rider, so these new mufflers were designed with maximum visual impact. Featuring a huge, 4.5-inch diameter slip-on and stylized billet end caps, the Torquer 450s make a strong visual statement along with their deep, throaty sound.   

They’re affordable, too, at just $599 for chrome and $649 for black – making them the lowest-price 4.5-inch slip-ons in the industry. (We like the black ones….bad-ass for sure!) Get ’em now at motorcycle dealers around the U.S. and abroad.  

We’ve got a Vance & Hines 40th Anniversary story percolating, which you’ll see very soon. But in the meantime, learn more about the company’s history and products at


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